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 Episode 01: Olympus (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Episode 01: Olympus (Part 1)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:48 pm

The story will reveal SG-1 crew in another time line.
Group of archaeologists discover the stargate in 1942 in Delphi (Greece).
Daniel Jackson finds a way to open the stargate in 2007.

(Gate opens)
O'NEILL: Wow...
DANIEL: You're right...
HAMMOND: Everything seems to be clear. Proceed.
(O'Neill and Daniel step through the stargate)
O'NEILL: General, we're okay and ready to explore. So Daniel... where are we?
DANIEL: I'm not sure but the architecture is very similar to Greek...
(A man steps out of his house)
VASILIS: Who are you?
DANIEL: We are explorers form the planet called Earth.
O'NEILL: And you are?
VASILIS: My name is not important... You have to hide, he will be here soon

VASILIS: Guard of Hades.
O'NEILL: Who's Hades.
DANIEL: Greek god of underworld... but this place is not underground right...
VASILIS: He's our master, he protects us...
(Guards come to the gate)
GUARD: Who are you.
O'NEILL: I'm Jack O'Neill, and this is Daniel Jackson.
GUARD: You...! why are you talking to strangers?
VASILIS: I was just...
GUARD: Doesn't matter you'll die anyway.
DANIEL: Hey, didn't do anything!
GUARD: Whoever does not follow the great Hades must be executed.
O'NEILL: Listen you... We need to speak to your boss.
GUARD: My lord will sure hear from you... Guards take them to prison.

(Back at the SGC)
HAMMOND: Are you aware of the danger that might be out there?
SAM: I am. But you didn't find anything yet. right?
HAMMOND: We should contact O'Neill in an hour to see how it goes.
SAM: So there is few thousand addresses on those stones found in Delphi?
HAMMOND: Yes. And we are gathering teams to explore these worlds.
SAM: What can we expect?
HAMMOND: Pentagon has approved our project in order of gaining technology.
SAM: To fight our enemies here?
HAMMOND: For developing our defenses.
SAM: But off-record?
HAMMOND: There is no off-record.
SAM: Okay... so... who's in my team again?
HAMMOND: Colonel Jack O'Neill and dr. Daniel Jackson for now.

(In prison on the alien planet)
O'NEIL: Hey you... can you get me some water?
GUARD: You will get plenty of it if you prove yourself worthy.
O'NEIL: Oh, I am worthy... now give me some water!
VASILIS: Be quiet, they can kill you!
DANIEL: I was afraid of that...
HAMMOND(on the walkie-talkie): Colonel O'Neill. What's your satus?
O'NEILL: Sir... we've become prisoners to some guy named Hades.
HAMMOND: How bad is it?
O'NEILL: We're in a heavily guarded palace.
HAMMOND: Don't worry... I'll send help right away.
O'NEILL(on the walkie-talkie): Hope it's a big one...
HAMMOND: We'll do our best to rescue you. Good luck
O'NEILL: Thank you.
HAMMOND: Capitan Carter... You and SG-2 and 3 will go to rescue them.
SAM: Understood.

DANIEL: So tell me more about your people.
VASILIS: There's not much to say... we are followers of Hades.
DANIEL: Yes I know. But what about your history?
VASILIS: We have no history... Hades is here for many years... we work for him, he gives us food...
DANIEL: You're slaves?
VASILIS: Free slaves... We can choose to live free... but those who are free suffer of starvation...
O'NEILL: Well it's not so green on the other side right?
VASILIS: Yes.. We can say that...
DANIEL:So the only way to stay alive is to be in this city and serve?

(at the gate on Hades's planet)
KAWALSKY: Silence...
SAM: I don't like it.
GUARD: You! Who are you?!
SAM: We came to rescue our men who were taken to prison.
GUARD: Yes I know who are you looking for.
KAWALSKY: Take us there now!
GUARD: We sure will...

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Episode 01: Olympus (Part 1)
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