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 Episode 10: Curse of Enyo (Part 3)

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PostSubject: Episode 10: Curse of Enyo (Part 3)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:03 pm

Prevously on Stargate Olympus
Daniel and Thiros found out where Pythios is imprisoned.
After few hours of flight with Urania they are now approaching Phobos

(Urania - Alithean ship)
ERYX: We will soon reach Phobos.
O'NEILL: What's the plan?
ANTHELA: You'll be teleported on a cargo ship. Thiros will accompany you.
O'NEILL: We kill the driver and enter Phobos...
THIROS: This is a simple version.
ANTHELA: Once you're on someone will have to take over the steering.
THIROS: They have a secret password which is known only by them. And they change it very often.
O'NEILL: So we do not kill him?
THIROS: When he tells us the password.
SAM: He's not just going to tell it right?
ANTHELA: No... you will have to inject him this potion.
SAM: What is it?
THIROS: It slows down nerve cells activity. Then we can manipulate his memories with this device.(shows the ''mind reader'')

(Urania exits the hyperspace)
ANTHELA: We have arrived... now we'll just have to wait.
O'NEILL: For how long?
ANTHELA: Cargo ships arrive 4 times a day.
O'NEILL: So... 6 hours max?
ANTHELA: Maybe...
SAM: I'd like to know more about the ''mind reader''.
THIROS: It's called Mialo-anichne. The one who operates it can experience the memories of the other one.
SAM: What kind of memories?
THIROS: Every memory of ones life can be seen.
SAM: How can we get to the password?
THIROS: We can skip through the memories.
SAM: And because the code changes often, we won't have any trouble finding it.
ANTHELA: When you enter the storage room you're on your own.
O'NEILL: Was that so unimportant to tell it now?
ANTHELA: I thought you'll not cooperate if you'd knew that.
O'NEILL: Really?
ANTHELA: We'll attach sensors on your clothes. That's the only way to find you without uncovering our ship. Attach one to Pythios and turn it on.

(SGC, senator Kerry visits gen. Hammond)
HAMMOND: As you can see, we have replaced the staff that was lost in tha attack.
KERRY: What about any further attacks.
HAMMOND: We have installed a device that prevents intruders to come through.
KERRY: What about your people?
HAMMOND: We have devices, that send signal through the wormhole and we open the iris from our computer.
KERRY: Is anyone else using this technology?
HAMMOND: Our allies. The Alitheans. They gave us this piece of technology.
KERRY: Can we expect more from them?
HAMMOND: I'm sure that in time we will gain the needed technology.
KERRY: You only have least than a month... remember that.
HAMMOND: I'm sure we'll keep the project going for few more months.
KERRY: That is up to you. Where is SG-1? I'd like to speak to col. O'Neill.
HAMMOND: They're on a mission.
KERRY: What mission?
HAMMOND: A valuable person was kidnapped and they are rescuing him.

ERYX: Sensors have detected a ship.
DANIEL: Is it the right one?
ERYX: Positive. It's a cargo ship.
ANTHELA: Are you ready?
ANTHELA: Remember: The ship must not stop.
THIROS: We'll do our best.
(SG-1 and Thiros get teleported)
ARAXOS: What in the name of ...? (O'Neill grabbs him and throws him on the floor)
O'NEILL: Carter, take over the controls!
THIROS: What is the password?
ARAXOS: I won't tell it for nothing in this life.
THIROS: Have it your way. (Injects him the paralyzer)
ELENA: What now?
THIROS: Someone will have to connect to his memory.
PARKER: I'll do it.
O'NEILL: Okay. Do it.
(Thiros connects him with the mind reader. Adjusts some settings, Parker starts to get visions)
THIROS: What can you see?
PARKER: He's leaving the planet...
SAM: What about the code?
PARKER: He's getting a message from someone... Enyo...
DANIEL: Code is Enyo?
(A strange voice asks about the code)
PARKER: Curse...
DANIEL: Curse of Enyo!
VOICE: You can land.
DANIEL: Thank you.

(Cargo room, Sam lands the ship)
O'NEILL: Now what?
THIROS: Pythios is somewhere near. Prison is near the cargo room.
PARKER: Let's go then.
O'NEILL: Wait!
(Some people come in. They see SG-1 and run away)
THIROS: Soon this will not be a safe place for us.
O'NEILL: Okay. Let's go!
(Apollo's palace on Phobos)
KASTOR: I saw six strangers in the cargo room.
APOLLO: Find them and bring them to me!
(Prison door)
GUARD: Who sends you here?
THIROS: The Mighty One
GUARD: You will not enter alone. Guards!
(two guards join them, door closes, Parker and O'Neill each kill one of the guards with bare hands)
THIROS: We must find Pythios fast!
PYTHIOS: (from distance) Elaphrys!
THIROS: We're coming my friend!
(They open the cell and run to the door, Apollo waits for them at the door)

(Palace, SG-1, Thiros & Pythios are all tied up together)
O'NEILL: Carter... Any lucky amulets?
APOLLO: What shall I do with you...? Should I kill you right away or let you die slowly?
O'NEILL: How about letting us go?
APOLLO: I'll let you... choose for your selfs!
(Thiros activates the last sensor)
ERYX: I'm reading the last signal... They have Phobos.
ANTHELA: Quck... teleport them!
THIROS: I have chosen my way... Out!
(they get teleported)
APOLLO: This isn't over yet...
PARKER: That was close...
ANTHELA: They are all on board. Set the course for Gaia.
PYTHIOS: Thank you for saving me...
O'NEILL: No problem.
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Episode 10: Curse of Enyo (Part 3)
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