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 Episode 11: Pandora's Box

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PostSubject: Episode 11: Pandora's Box   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:05 pm

After being rescued Pythios returned to Diophos.
SG1 visited a planet called Omendora and returned with some information that might come usefull.
There's only 20 days left before the government shuts down the program.

PARKER: According to the legend, the city holds some kind of a device that is capable of destroying planets.
HAMMOND: How can we tell if the legend is true?
ELENA: It could have a connection to some ancient Greek tales. But so far I didn't find anything.
HAMMOND: But still it can only be a story.
DANIEL: I think it's worth trying to find something out.
HAMMOND: If we find out that the device is real?
O'NEILL: We get a chance to destroy Apollo.
SAM: If it really exists.
DANIEL: Even if it is it's not going to just fall in our hands...
ELENA: I'd like to visit the library on Diophos. Maybe I can find something there.
HAMMOND: Okay. Daniel and SG-4 will join you.
O'NEILL: I assume we have another mission?
HAMMOND: You're meeting the President. He wants some first hand information about your missions.

(Library on Diophos, Elena and Daniel are looking thorugh some books)
ELENA: So... what do you think about this project.
DANIEL: You mean the stargate?... Well the whole thing is a bit scary, but knowing that there's life on other planets...
ELENA: Yeah... I know how you feel.
DANIEL: It must be exciting for you... Every thing that you knew about the ancient Greece just turns over in a moment.
ELENA: Well... I was always hoping that I'll discover something that will change my life. But this... This is unimaginable.
(Pythios comes in)
PYTHIOS: Have you found your answer?
DANIEL: Not yet...
ELENA: Do you know something about a device capable of destroying entire planets...
PYTHIOS: Well there is something... I'll try to find it in here... You know that an old man can't keep all his memories in his mind. I'm not that young and vital I was before. Diseases have started to take over me.
DANIEL: Disease... that's it!
ELENA: What?
DANIEL: Pandora's box... A bigger one!
ELENA: Right. I mean There has to be a bigger weapon for this vast space.
DANIEL: We must return to that planet.
PYTHIOS: Don't mind putting away the books. They can wait. The universe can't.

(SGC, Laboratory)
HAMMOND: What do you have?
FRAISER: Based on a research of the DNA that we got from the nymph that came here we are dealing with creatures that can withstand almost impossible conditions for us.
HAMMOND: What about self destruct mechanism.
JANE: After I did some research I found out that it can only be disabled with a gerat amount of electricity.
HAMMOND: We could keep her alive?
JANE: The amount needed is so big that it would kill her.
FRAISER: There's a possibility that they have some kind of power reduction device that kill this mechanisms.
HAMMOND: Mechanisms?
JANE: Nanobots. They were multiplying for a while. Now they're not active anymore because they ran out of the DNA that was around them.
HAMMOND: What about the weapon?
FRAISER: There is a connection between this nanobots an the bracelet.
JANE: Their presence allows nymphs to use it.
FRAISER: We could inject the nanobots into someone's blood but since we have no cure that is not an option.
HAMMOND: That's all for now thank you. (Hammond leaves)
JANE: What about the spell that disabled the weapon?
FRAISER: It just bought us time. If she wasn't tied up and without a weapon...
JANE: Right...

(Washington DC, presidents office, waiting room)
O'NEILL: Did I mention how much I hate this kind of meetings?
SAM: Four times.
PARKER: On the airport. I've lost count on the plane.
SECRETARY: The president will see you now.
O'NEILL: Finaly.
(Jack, Sam and Andrew(Parker) enter the office)
GARRYCK: Welcome SG-1. I was pretty excited when I heard that you are coming.
O'NEILL: Well... you actually invited us.
GARRYCK: Anyway. You are here to tell me more about this program.
SAM: You read all of our files and mission reports.
GARRYCK: That's right but you know I was thinking about not shuting down this project.
PARKER: Great!
GARRYCK: Only thinking. However you have only 20 days left. If you manage to discover something that might interest me I won't shut you down.
O'NEILL: We have just discovered a clue about some kind of weapon that's capable of destroying worlds.
SAM: There is no hard evidence about it.
O'NEILL: But our best scientists are working very hard to find it.
GARRYCK: They should. I'm interested in this.
O'NEILL: I'll make sure you're the first to call when we find it.

ELENA: Do you know where we can find this device?
OTHITRON: The tale says that it's hidden in a libray of a witch, that lived here long time ago.
DANIEL: What do you know about that witch.
OTHITRON: She was here to experiment on our people. They called her Dysenia.
ELENA: Isn't that...
DANIEL: One of the Alitheans.
ELENA: This doesn't make any sense.
OTHIRON: Do you know her?
DANIEL: Yes... and she's no witch if she's the same person.
ELENA: I'd like to look around the city if you don't mind.
OTHIRON: No... please do.
ELENA: Thank you.
(Elena starts looking for some clues)
DANIEL: Wait up! (runs after her)
ELENA: Afraid of something?
DANIEL: No... Just wanna spend some quality time with you.
ELENA: Yeah right. (Starts walking faster)
DANIEL: Hey! What did I say?

O'NEILL: Where's the geek couple?
SAM: They're on Omendora looking for that device.
PARKER: Are they alone?
SAM: No... SG-4 is with them.
O'NEILL: Probably locked somewhere...
SAM: What's up with you two? They have the same interests, they're...
O'NEILL: Say it... Perfect for each other.
SAM: Great working team.
(Hammond enters)
HAMMOND: How did it go?
O'NEILL: It went well... The president is interested in our work.
HAMMOND: Yes... I've heard that.
PARKER: What about the device on Omendora?
HAMMOND: Dr. Garcia and Dr Jackson are working on it. They mentioned Pandora's box.
PARKER: Isn't that some kind of evil thing?
HAMMOND: For now it's only a tale on some world. If they find anything interesting we might be able to keep the project.
O'NEILL: anything else? Carter?... Parker?
HAMMOND: Dismissed.
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Episode 11: Pandora's Box
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