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 Episode 12: The Enemy Within

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PostSubject: Episode 12: The Enemy Within   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:06 pm

Elena and Daniel returned from Omendora.
Fraiser did some more research on the nanobots.

SAM: What happened?
FRAISER: After I added some human blood to the nanobots, they started to reproduce fast. It seems that nymphs are normal humans.
SAM: What if they adapted?
FRAISER: No... I did the same with animal blood but nothing happened.
SAM: Were you able to shut them down?
FRAISER: Only for a while. They need a big amount of electricity to be permanently disabled.
ELENA: It's possible that Dysenia od the Alitheans has something to do with the Pandora's box.
HAMMOND: I'll contact Altachia to arrange a meeting.
ELENA: Thank you.
HAMMOND: Dismissed
(Omendora, a smaller ship lands near the city, Othiron goes there to see who came)
OTHIRON: Who is this?
(Dysenia comes out)
DYSENIA: Do not fear. I am Dysenia of the Alitheans.

(Omendora, inside the city)
DYSENIA: It's been a long time since I've been here. Where is my library?
OTHIRON: I don't know where it is.
DYSENIA: Then I shall find it myself.
(Dysenia leaves, SG-1 comes through the gate)
O'NEILL: What's that (Points to the ship)
SAM: Looks like a ship.
O'NEILL: I know... who's the lucky owner?
SAM: I don't know...
O'NEILL: Let's check it out.
(Othiron runs up to the stargate)
OTHIRON: She's back!
DANIEL: Who's back?
OTHIRON: Dysenia... the witch!
ELENA: Where is she?
OTHIRON: She's in the city looking for her library.
DANIEL: She doesn't know where it is?
OTHIRON: She was here 100 years ago... the city has expanded.
DANIEL: Right.
O'NEILL: Carter! You and I are going to check out the ship. Daniel and Elena... find Dysenia!
OTHIRON: I'll go with you.

(Jane's looking at the nanobots with a microscope)
JANE: Wow... what is this around them?
FRAISER: Human blood.
JANE: What's this... They've started multiplying.
FRAISER: It's normal...
JANE: That doesn't look normal to me.
FRAISER: Let me take a look.
(She sees that the nanobots are acting strangely)
FRAISER: Close the door... we must not let them escape!
(Nanobots are now already covering half of the desk on which the microscope is placed)
JANE: (picks up the phone) There's an emergency in the laboratory. The nanobots are multiplying very fast. No one is allowed to enter the lab.
FRAISER: We need to do something...
JANE: We should first get out of here and call for help...
(Nanos are now covering half of the room)
(They both run towards the door, Fraiser tries to open the gate)
JANE: What has happened?
FRAISER: Something has damaged the system... (The realize that the nanos have already covered the whole room)
JANE: Hurry up! (Nanos enter Jane's body) Save yourself!!!
(The door opens, Fraiser gets out and closes the door)

(Omendora in the city)
DANIEL: Do you know where she went?
OTHIRON: I saw her passing by the market...
ELENA: Let's follow her.
(In the ship outside the city)
SAM: The technology is the same as on Alithean ships...
PARKER: So she either stoled it or the Alitheans know about this thing and they won't tell us.
HAMMOND: (on the radio connection) Col. O'Neill come in.
O'NEILL: This is O'Neill.
HAMMOND: You must return immediately. The nanobots started to multiply. They are contained but they'll soon break through the walls.
O'NEILL: Aye sir.
SAM: How did it happen?
O'NEILL: It doesn't matter... (contacts Daniel) Daniel, we have a situaton back on Earth we gotta go.
DANIEL: (walkie-talkie) What happened?
O'NEILL: The nanobots started multiplying and are taking over the base.
(In the city)
DANIEL: I think we can help.
O'NEILL: (walkie-talkie) did you find her?
DANIEL: Yes...
O'NEILL: (walkie-talkie) Okay. We're waiting at the gate.
DYSENIA: I need to get some equipment to help you. Come with me.
(They all run in the library)
(At the gate - Dysenia teleports Daniel, Elena and herself to the gate)
O'NEILL: Carter!
(Sam starts dialing the gate)

(SGC, gate opens)
SMITH: It's SG-1
HAMMOND: Open the iris.
(Iris openes, SG-1 and Dysenia come through)
HAMMOND: Welcome back.
DYSENIA: Where are the nanobots?
HAMMOND: Edwards... Take Dysenia to the laboratory.
(Edward, Sam and Dysenia leave)
HAMMOND: What happened?
O'NEILL: She was there when we came there... lucky coincedence I guess...
DANIEL: She has a whole library full of devices, books.
ELENA: She's more like a wise woman than a witch.
HAMMOND: Let's see what she'll tell us.
(On the hall in front of the door, Dysenia takes a device in her hand)
DYSENIA: Open the door
(Edwards opens the door, Dysenia turns on the device and disables the nanobots)
SAM: What's that (They find Jane lying dead on the floor)
DYSENIA: I'll take care of her later...
SAM: Get her to the infirmary.
(Dysenia continues with destroying the nanobots)

DYSENIA: The people call me witch because they can't understand our technology.
O'NEILL: So... no bad spells?
HAMMOND: What about doctor Carson?
DYSENIA: She will be okay. I removed the nanobots from her body. Now she needs to rest and get some blood.
SAM: I'd like to see how your device for destroying nanobots works.
DYSENIA: It's not mine... I once worked undercover for Apollo. And slowly collected the technology.
HAMMOND: We thank you again for saving our base.
DYSENIA: You re welcome. Now I must go. One of other Alithean members will return to show you how the device works.
HAMMOND: Dismissed.
O'NEILL: So... what happened there?
DANIEL: Where?
O'NEILL: On that planet... with Garcia... when you were alone?
DANIEL: I don't know what you mean...
O'NEILL: Yeah right...
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Episode 12: The Enemy Within
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