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 Episode 13: Overview (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Episode 13: Overview (Part 1)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:07 pm

After a week of missions, all main teams have briefing with Hammond.
Some new items were brought back from missions to examine.

(Briefing SG-3)
HAMMOND: Send them in.
(SG-3 enter the briefing room)
DIXON: People on P5A-894 serve to Ares.
HAMMOND: Did they show any signs of aggression?
STONE: No... we were lucky that the guards didn't see us.
MILES: We were hiding in some Alithean member's home.
HAMMOND: So this Alithens they're on every planet.
PATTON: Yes... and they know about us. They always help us.
CONNER: If that man wasn't there we would probably never return.
HAMMOND: What about Ares. Do you know anything about him?
DIXON: Nothing special... Maybe we'll need another visit to the planet to find out more.
HAMMOND: It's to risky to send you alone. One of the teams will accompany you.
DIXON: Thank you sir.

(Briefing SG-4)
ROTHMANN: The city we found was abandoned years ago.
LESTER: In the central agora there's some kind of podium for preachers.
HAMMOND: Any reasons why the city was abandoned?
ROTHMANN: There is no bodies so they weren't killed.
COLON: Maybe they were forced to leave.
LESTER: Well. under the podium i found a book. It was hard to translate but as far as I know it's some kind of a city diary. I brought it back here.
HAMMOND: How can this book help us?
LESTER: If I translate the last pages, maybe I can find out for what reason they left the planet.
HAMMOND: Do so. Anything else? Anything unusual?
COLON: I think that they didn't belong to Olympians. Maybe the Olympians forced them to leave.
HAMMOND: What makes you think that.
COLON: We didn't find any Olympian altars as we did on their planets.
HAMMOND: What about P6A-576?
ROTHMANN: They were once under Aphrodite's rule. But when the war started she left and never came back.
HAMMOND: What war?
LOGAN: An old man on the planet told us about war between Olympians.
COLON: They fought for territory.
LOGAN: The people were lost without Aphrodite. She wasn't a destructive Olympian.
ROTHMANN: She protected them against others.
HAMMOND: So the Olympians were once in a war...

O'NEILL: Yes... you see the point of fishing isn't actually catching fish...
PARKER: Right... So you sit there all day and do nothing?
O'NEILL: What's wrong with that?
SAM: Maybe there's no fish in your pond.
(they get to the briefing room, SG-3 is just leaving)
DANIEL: We're next...
(they go in)
HAMMOND: Colonel O'Neill, what did you find on Omendora?
O'NEILL: Not much... we're still searching for the Pandora's box.
PARKER: That may not exist... Sir, I think tis mission was complete waste of time. There is no proof of this box...
DANIEL: A year ago you'd probably say that the Olympians don't exist...
GARCIA: Right now we only have the people's story.
SAM: And Dysenia.
O'NEILL: And she's very keen on telling us where it is.
PARKER: I think she has nothing.
DANIEL: What about the device that killed the nanobots!?
PARKER: Except for that maybe...
O'NEILL: Cut it out you two... you act like in are day care.
HAMMOND: I think we all need to calm down. I know this is hard for you. We only have a week...
PARKER: And I'm not very pleased to spend it on a planet, searching for nothing.
DANIEL: Why is it always about you?
O'NEILL: Will I have to send you on time out?
HAMMOND: Parker... You'll be reassigned in SG-2
HAMMOND: If you won't cooperate here, I'll have to reassign you.
PARKER: But sir...
HAMMOND: You are going to be reassigned and that's final.

JANE: The device thet was brought back form P5A-894 might be interesting.
HAMMOND: What is it.
JANE: I can't tell yet, but it's some kind of a detonator.
HAMMOND: What does it detonate?
JANE: That's the part I can't tell... For now.
HAMMOND: Do you need any help.
JANE: Well, I'd like someone to translate some things for me. And a weapon expert.
HAMMOND: I'll send Dr Garcia to help you.
JANE: Thank you.
HAMMOND: Try to find out as much as you can.
(Daniels work room)
ELENA: Did you find anything about Pandora's box?
DANIEL: No... But I have a feeling that I'm close.
ELENA: Close?... I can understand Parker... This is going nowhere
DANIEL: Why is everyone so pessimistic...
(Hammond comes in)
HAMMOND: Dr Garcia, Dr Carson requires your assistance in the laboratory.
ELENA: Right away.
HAMMOND: Maybe you should go to. She needs to translate something...
DANIEL: I have to read some books to find something out about that device... I almost have it.
HAMMOND: Almost isn't enough for me... neither for your job.
DANIEL: I need something to prove it.

ELENA: What do you need me?
JANE: Here... this was found by SG-3 on P5A-894.
ELENA: It's similar to the nymph script but it's more organized. This will take some time.
JANE: I was just going to get myself a cup of coffee... Would you like...
ELENA: Yes, please.
JANE: Milk, sugar?
ELENA: Double sugar... thanks.
(Jane leaves)
ELENA: Hm... (looks at the writing) Okay... Box.. what?... This can't be.
(Daniel comes in with a book)
DANIEL: Let me take a look at your device... I think I found something.
ELENA: Let me see that book...
BOTH: I got it...
ELENA: What, what?
DANIEL: What do you got?
ELENA: Pandora's box... a piece of it.
DANIEL: Funny me to... wait... what?
ELENA: It's just a detonator...
DANIEL: We need the other part... parts... I said that I was close.
ELENA: Just let me finish the translation.
DANIEL: I'll help.

O'NEILL: What are we doing here?
HAMMOND: Dr Garcia said it's something important.
SAM: Where is Daniel?
O'NEILL: Better question... Is he with her... (ironically)
(Elena enters)
HAMMOND: Where is Dr Jackson?
ELENA: He'll be here soon.
O'NEILL: Right... (a bit sarcastic)
ELENA: Anyway. We found Pandora's Box... A piece of this device. Only the detonator.
HAMMOND: Where is the other part?
(Daniel comes in)
ELENA: The device was used once.
DANIEL: It was in the Olympic war. Apollo used it to destroy Ares's planets. He had the device because Dysenia was working for him at that time.
ELENA: After the war. Ares stoled the device and scattered its parts all over the universe.
DANIEL: Nobody mentioned it ever again. Until yesterday when SG-3 found it in a home of an Alithean operative.
ELENA: We have the first piece. Now we just have to find the others. We should first check planets ruled by Ares.
SMITH: Off-schedule off-world activation.

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Episode 13: Overview (Part 1)
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