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 Episode 14: The Ground Unknown (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Episode 14: The Ground Unknown (Part 2)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:09 pm

Dysenia arrives with another piece of Pandora's Box.

SAM: So there are six of this devices.
DYSENIA: Six pieces. And the main part that is the actual weapon.
HAMMOND: We have two... where are the other four?
DYSENIA: As you know, when Ares got the device, instead of using it, he scatered its pieces all over the universe.
HAMMOND: Do we know where?
DYSENIA: I'm sure I can find the location of three.
DANIEL: What about the last one?
DYSENIA: That I don't know. Our operatives are already looking for it.
HAMMOND: We'll help too.
DYSENIA: Off course. You have done a lot for us.
O'NEILL: Yeah.. you owe us one...
DANIEL: I think the score is even now...
DYSENIA: You'll help us find it and I'll help you with using it.

(P6R-587 - SG-3, at the stargate)
DIXON: The detonator is in the village nearby.
STONE: What do we know about it?
MILES: It's hidden in A home of an Alithean operative.
STONE: I don't know why they don't bring them...
PATTON: They must remain undiscovered.
CONNER: How will we know which one is right?
MILES: He'll recognize us. The word about our base is spreading fast.
DIXON: We have to be quick. No one must know that we were here.
STONE: Oh... that's why we're wearing this silly clothes.
(P65-8X9 - SG-4, village near the gate, dr. Logan is talking to an old man)
LOGAN: You don't know where she is?
YANNIS: She was here few days ago... but she left the village and went north.
LOGAN: So we'll go north.
YANNIS: But be careful... the woods of Demeter are vast and dangerous.
LESTER: We have to take that risk...
YANNIS: She left two days ago. Hurry up.
(P7Q-572 - SG-2, Alithean operatives home)
SARIMA: The Alitheans see great opportunity on your planet.
PARKER: How does the device work?
SARIMA: The six smaller devices represent symbols of a gate address. Once they are attached to the main device you can select any planet to attack.

HAMMOND: Did you find the last detonator?
DYSENIA: Our operatives informed me that it's on Ares's home planet.
DANIEL: What about the main device?
DYSENIA: It's there too. Although it's well guarded. Ares still controls it. It can't be used because he holds the main part.
O'NEILL: How are we going ti get it?
DANIEL: I think I know.
HAMMOND: Your team will visit Ares.
DYSENIA: We can transport you there with Urania.
SAM: What about their sensors. The ones we've seen on Phobos?
DYSENIA: You'll be teleported on the planet. We must remain undetected for your safety.
HAMMOND: As soon as SG-3 returns from their mission they will join you.
(P65-8X9 - SG-4, field)
LOGAN: Do you see any forests?
LESTER: No... not really.
LOGAN: It is two days from here...
COLON: That man said...
LESTER: Are you saying that he tricked us...
(they disappear and are brought into a palace)
COLON: What...? How that happened?
(Suddenly a lady also appears in front of them)
DEMETER: I am Demeter. Do not be afraid. I know what you are looking for.
COLON: Okay... that's weird...
DEMETER: Are you surprised of my generosity?
LESTER: You are pretty generous for an Olympian...
DEMETER: I once was... Apollo banned me from the Olympians. After the war Ares left one piece of Pandora's Box on this planet.
LESTER: How come Alitheans do not have it?
DEMETER: I was here first. We have an agreement. They do not speak about me and I look after the piece.

(P6R-587 - SG-3 is running towards the stargate)
DIXON: Start dialing... fast!
STONE: Okay... okay...!
(Villagers that are after them stop)
VILLAGER: Hand over the Holy Stone!
DIXON: Why don't you come and get it?!
(Stargate opens)
MILES: Let's go!
VILLAGER: This is my last warning!!
DIXON: Maybe later...
(SG-3 runs up to the gate)
VILLAGER: You'll pay for this.
DIXON: You'll get 50%. Don't worry!
(They step through)
(SGC, gate is opened)
SMITH: It's SG-3, sir.
HAMMOND: I hope they have it...
(SG-3 is in the gate room)
HAMMOND: Do you have it?
DIXON: Yes. (Shows it) This is it.
HAMMOND: Meet me in the briefing room.

(Few hours later Urania - SG-1 and Dysenia)
O'NEILL: Where are they?
O'NEILL: SG-3... anyone.
DYSENIA: I'm picking up a message.
ELENA: Who is it?
DYSENIA: Demeter...
DANIEL: Isn't that bad???
DYSENIA: Let's find out.
DEMETER: (through the communicator) We came to help.
O'NEILL: Who's we?
DIXON: (through the communicator) Col. O'Neill... I's always nic to hear your voice...
O'NEILL: WHo's with you?
DIXON: SG-3 and 4. And one beautiful lady who was kind enough to drop us here.
DYSENIA: What about the detonators?
DIXON: SG-2 still hasn't returned. But according to their report they'll return soon.
DYSENIA: Demeter... Will you join us?
DEMETER: That's why I'm here

GARRYCK: Send him in.
(Hammond enters)
GARRYCK: General Hammond...
HAMMOND: Mr. President...
GARRYCK: I see that you're on the edge of a major discovery...
HAMMOND: Our teams are working hard. Very hard.
GARRYCK: This isn't good enough for me. I didn't see any major results. They were just saving others or themselves.
HAMMOND: We still have few days.
GARRYCK: I'll think about it...
HAMMOND: People will loose their jobs... think about that...
(Ares's home planet)
MESSENGER: Great Mighty Ares. I received a message from our allies.
ARES: I hope it's important... I don't want to be disturbed. You know that.
MESSENGER: Yes Great Mighty Ares...
ARES: Yes... yes... what are you trying to tell me?
MESSENGER: Alithean ship is approaching...
ARES: What!?
MESSENGER: Yes... they say that one of Olympians is with them.
ARES: Let's prepare them a warm welcome.

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Episode 14: The Ground Unknown (Part 2)
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