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 Episode 15: Decisions (Part 3)

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PostSubject: Episode 15: Decisions (Part 3)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:10 pm

(Lyras - gate opens, twenty soldiers approach Apollos palace)
PALACE GUARD: What is this?
SOLIDER: We need to speak with your master.
PALACE GUARD: Who's sending you?
SOLIDER: Mighty Ares.
PALACE GUARD: He's not here.
SOLIDER: So... He was right.
PALACE GUARD: He didn't tell anyone where he went. Not even his priests.
SOLIDER: Soldiers! Kill them all!
(Ares's soldiers kill the guards)
SOLIDER: We're taking over here. Send message to Ares. Apollo is on one of the ships.
DYSENIA: This is it... You have to take my ship and fly to the planet.
O'NEILL: Oh... so we are going to bee seen on their radars?
DYSENIA: No... Demeter has cloaking device. (She contacts Demeter again)
DEMETER: How may I help you?
DYSENIA: Send me the cloaking device program.
DEMETER: What do I get for it?

(Ares's planet)
MESSENGER: Great Mighty Ares. Our soliders didn't find Apollo.
ARES: So I was right...
MESSENGER: Yes, Great One.
ARES: All this time. Apollo was connected to the Alitheans.
MESSENGER: He is on one of the ships.
ARES: And he'll try to take Pandora's Box... Send ships.
MESSENGER: Yes Great Mighty Ares.
(Lyras, Ship lands on the roof of the palace. Apollo has returned and sees what has happened)
APOLLO: What is this.
GUARD: These are Ares's guards.
APOLLO: He went to far! I want him dead... Kill the guards also! (sees that the guard doesn't move) NOW!!!
GUARD: Yes, Mighty One.
APOLLO: He'll pay for insulting me. Do not kill him... bring him here. I have a better punishment for him.
GUARD: Yes...
APOLLO: Bring him to Phobos. I'll wait there.
KERRY: Your time has run out. President sent me to tell you this.
HAMMOND: What? Our people are still out there!
KERRY: You have you ''allies''. Send them a message. The gate will be buried.
HAMMOND: I'd like to hear president himself!
KERRY: Call him... I'm sure he's in his office waiting for you to call.

(Ares's planet: Stargate opens, Apollo's soldiers take over the gate)
(Palace, Ares's communicator turns on. It's Apollo)
APOLLO: You'll pay!
ARES: Apollo? What is this... Aren't you with the Alitheans?
APOLLO: I'd be rather dead! Like you'll be. Soon.
ARES: Do not make me laugh.
APOLLO: Look outside. Your soldiers are dying.
ARES: What?
(Device shuts down. Apollo's soldiers enter Ares's palace.)
ARES: You will all pay for this! (Solider shots him. He passes out)
(They take Ares through the gate, Few seconds later SG-1 is teleported into the palace)
O'NEILL: That's strange... No one's here.
SAM: We should remain cloaked.
O'NEILL: Right...
DANIEL: Dysenia said that the Box is in here...
O'NEILL: I don't see any signs... do you?
ELENA: There! There's everything we need.
O'NEILL: Okay. Let's do it.
DYSENIA: I'm picking up a signal. They have it.

(Phobos, Ares wakes up)
APOLLO: I'm glad that you're awake.
ARES: Listen... we were both wrong...
APOLLO: I wasn't wrong about anything. You should pay more attention to your messengers...
ARES: Give me another chance...
APOLLO: Maybe in your next life. I'd like you to meet someone.
(Lady dressed in black appears in front of Ares)
APOLLO: Meet your lampade. (She stretches out her hands, they glow. They both disappear)
APOLLO: There's no next life for you in Tartarus.
(Guards approaches Apollo)
APOLLO: What is it?
GUARD: We checked twice... It's gone.
GUARD: Alitheans were there after all.
APOLLO: Find out who did it... Fast!
(Urania, returning home)
O'NEILL: It's good to return home.
DANIEL: Yeah...
DYSENIA: Your mission is not over yet.
SAM: What do you mean?
DEMETER: We didn't go this way for nothing. We must destroy Apollo now when when we have the Pandora's Box.
DYSENIA: She's right. This is our chance now.
ELENA: What about the other Olympians?
DYSENIA: Once they will be without a leader...
DANIEL: They'll keep on enslaving people. We won't stop them.

ANTHELA: I'd like to see it.
THIROS: I'll send a message.
ANTHELA: Tell them that we're very glad that they made the first step.
THIROS: Do you think that they'll use it?
ANTHELA: They will have to someday.
PRIEST: Yes, Mighty One... I am here to serve you.
APOLLO: Inform all Olympians. We need to talk.
PRIEST: May I know What is the matter?
APOLLO: Can't you see? Alitheans have the Pandora's Box.
PRIEST: They won't use it. We know that.
APOLLO: They won't... What about their Human friends?
PRIEST:Should I arrange an attack on Gaia?
APOLLO: Call the meeting. As I ordered you.
PRIEST: Yes, Mighty One.
APOLLO: I'm thinking of visiting them myself. They'll see what is Darkness.
PRIEST: Darkness is the only way.
APOLLO: Leave now.

(SGC, Briefing)
HAMMOND: I think this is a major step towards winning against Olympians.
DANIEL: But sir...
HAMMOND: That is an order.
DANIEL: There are innocent people on that planet.
HAMMOND: Did you forget that this whole project is going to be shut down?
DANIEL: But this is not the price we have to pay!
(President enters)
HAMMOND: Mr. President. I see you have made your decision.
GARRYCK: I have. I will not shut you down.
O'NEILL: So... no big explosions?
GARRYCK: For now. Having this is device is good enough for me. But next time I won't be co merciful.
(Gate room)
HAMMOND: As you all know this program will continue to operate. Our brave teams have done a lot to keep this project alive.

O'NEILL: Parker! Wait!
PARKER: Congratulations.
O'NEILL: Guess who's back in the team.
PARKER: Thanks sir...
O'NEILL: Call me Jack...
PARKER: Yes sir... Jack.
O'NEILL: So... are you interested in fishing?
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Episode 15: Decisions (Part 3)
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