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 Episode 01: Open Box

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PostSubject: Episode 01: Open Box   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:12 pm

SGC, Smith enters Hammond's office
SMITH: General, our sensors have located a large space vessel in Earth's orbit.
HAMMOND: What? Call the president.
SMITH: Yes sir.
Hammond picks up the phone
HAMMOND: SG-1. You are needed in the control room.

Earth's orbit.
Olympian ship is approaching the Moon.
Apollo is on board with his army.
APOLLO: Is everything ready?
SHIP OPERATOR: Yes, Mighty One.
APOLLO: Let's send them a message.
Communicating device turns on
APOLLO: People of Earth! Hear me! I am Mighty Apollo. I came to claim this planet.

Altachia, Demeter visits Anthela
ANTHELA: Demeter.
DEMETER: Anthela, Gaia is in danger.
DEMETER: When Apollo returned into Ares's palace, he didn't find the Pandora's box.
ANTHELA: Where is he?
DEMETER: He is already there.
ANTHELA: I'll send Dysenia there. We have to turn it on.
DEMETER: I came to help.

SGC, Control room
SMITH: General, some radio stations received a strange signal.
HAMMOND: What is it?
SMITH: Here it is.
Opens a file on the main computer,
APOLLO: People of Earth! Hear me! I am Mighty Apollo. I came to claim this planet.
SAM: His signal blocked the radio signal.
HAMMOND: How many?
SMITH: We got it from a local radio station in Texas.
Stargate turns on
HAMMOND: Are we expecting someone?
SMITH: We canceled all missions before the presidents visit.
Iris opens
SAM: It's Dysenias code.
HAMMOND: Try to contact Apollo.
SMITH: President is waiting on line 1.
Hammond leaves

Rankin, Upton County,Texas
People are on street shouting ''The end is near!''
Government limo arrives
Kerry steps out
KERRY: Dear citizens, there is no need to be afraid.
CITIZEN: We heard what they said on the radio.
KERRY: I can assure you that this is a mistake.
CITIZEN: We don't believe you!

SGC, control room.
SMITH: A new message was sent. Even more radio stations got it.
Hammond enters
HAMMOND: President ordered me to stop the enemy no matter what.
ANTHELA: We must use the Pandora's box.
DEMETER: Where are the pieces.
ELENA: They were sent to Area 51.
HAMMOND: I'll send for them.
SAM: So... I never asked how does it work.
DYSENIA: Once the pieces are assembled together, you enter the planet address.
O'NEILL: That sounds easy...
DYSENIA: But we'll need a dialing device.
SAM: That might be a problem.
DYSENIA: I'll try to connect it with your computer.
SAM: I'll help.
HAMMOND: Dr. Garcia an Col. O'Neill. One of you will talk to Apollo once we establish a connection.
ELENA: I think Daniel... wait... where is he?
O'Neill looks around
O'NEILL: Daniel!? Just a minute.

Daniel's study
O'NEILL: That's an order!
DANIEL: No! I'm not going to allow you killing innocent people!
O'NEILL: They're not innocent! You read the books. You should know who lives there.
DANIEL: There are ordinary people also!
O'NEILL: So you wanna go rescue them?
DANIEL: Not killing them will be good enough for me.
O'NEILL: Well it isn't always about you.
DANIEL: I'm not going to do this.
O'NEILL: Well. Maybe you should convince Apollo to leave our planet alone.
DANIEL: Somehow I'm not in the right mood right now

Apollo's ship
SHIP OPERATOR: Mighty One, we are detecting a signal form the planet.
APOLLO: What is it.
Communicator turns on. O'Neill is on screen.
APOLLO: Will you surrender before I kill you all.
O'NEILL: No. But we just want you to know that we have the weapon to destroy your world.
APOLLO: It doesn't matter. It's not the only one I posses.
O'NEILL: So we'll blow it up.
APOLLO: If you do... I won't ask again to surrender.
O'NEILL: Well good. You won't have to. The answer will be ''No''.
APOLLO: We'l see about that.
Apollo shuts down the communicator

Control room
O'NEILL: Okay... He doesn't care about the planet.
DANIEL: So I guess we won't blow it up now?
O'NEILL: Let me think...
ANTHELA: There is no reason to do that.
SAM: Wait... the blast activates when it reaches the other side of the wormhole.
DYSENIA: Yes... Then it spreads over the surface.
SAM: How big is tha blast at the beginning?
DYSENIA: It's barely sensible. Once it spreads its power encreases.
SAM: And it only travels on the surface.
DYSENIA: Well eventually reaches the planet's core and destroys it.
SAM: So if we place the gate on Apollo's ship we can destroy it?
DYSENIA: That is possible, but before we can bring the stargate here... the blast destroys the stargate also.
SAM: We can use our.
DYSENIA: Yes that is possible... because the explosion will be to small to destroy the gate.
O'NEILL: So what we need to do?
DYSENIA: First we have to move the Pandora's Box to another planet.
SAM: We need our gate to be free for the incoming wormhole.
O'NEILL: I'll go tell general Hammond.

Washington, President Garryck is in his office
Secretary comes in
SECRETARY: Mister President. Senator Kerry is here to see you.
GARRYICK: What is he here for?
SECRETARY: He only says it's very important.
GARRYCK: Send him in.
Secretary opens the door and calls Kerry to come in
GARRYCK: What is so important?
KERRY: Look...
He shows him a VHS cassette he brought with him.
GARRYCK: What is this?
KERRY: Just watch.
He puts it in the video and presses ''start'' button
NEWSREADER: Now for the most shocking news of today. In a small city in Texas a local radio station received a strange signal. Our reporter Kenya Parson has more information. Kenya...
KENYA: Yes, Jade. Here in Rankin the local radio station received a message. They believe that aliens have come to take over Earth.
JADE: Excuse me Kenya. But are there any proves about this?
KENYA: few hours later they received another message. But it was also sent to some other stations.
JADE: What does the message say?
KENYA: The man talks with a strange voice. He introduced himself as Apollo.

SMITH: Chevron seven, locked.
Kawoosh, SG-1 Is in the gate room, Hammond and Anthela are in the control room
HAMMOND: Once you step through the gate, we will transport it on Apollo's ship. You won't be able to return until we get it back.
ANTHELA: I will stay here and teleport the stargate back after the detonation.
O'NEILL: If we succeed, call us.
HAMMOND: We will.
PARKER: This is it. It's good to be back in the team.
They step into event horizon

Presidents office, video is still on
JADE: What is the actual possibility of having an alien life on Earth.
KENYA: We heard a lot about the abductions in the past years so anything is possible.
JADE: What about the government have they responded?
KENYA: Well we haven't...
Garryck turns it off
KERRY: We must act fast.
GARRYCK: Think of a good cover story. we don't want to tell our people about the stargate just yet.

Main device of Pandora's Box is next to DHD.
Dysenia's ship lands
SAM: OK. They have agreed. Let's start.
She inserts first detonator in the main device, gate opens
ELENA: Second detonator is in.
DANIEL: Third detonator is in.
Dysena and Demeter approach
PARKER: Fourth detonator is in.
DEYSENIA: Fifth detonator is attached.
DEMETER: Sixth detonator is in place
O'NEILL: Daniel, how do you say nice trip in Olympian?
DANIEL: I have no idea...
ELENA: Kalo taxidi! That's Greek.
O'NEILL: That should work.
He puts his hand on the top of the main device
SAM: How will we know?
Gate shuts down
DYSENIA: That's it.
O'NEILL: That's it?

Apollo's ship is destroyed.
SMITH: Target is destroyed.
HAMMOND: What about the gate?
Anthela turns on the teleportation device, locates the gate on the screen.
ANTHELA: There...
Clicks on a button, gate appears in the gate room again
HAMMOND: Dial to Sigma. SG-1 have to hear the great news.
SMITH: Yes, sir.
Starts dialing
SMITH: Chevron one encoded.

Fun fact: The whole scene of television report was accidentally deleted and had to be written again. It ended up totally different.
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Episode 01: Open Box
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