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 Episode 02: Awakening

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PostSubject: Episode 02: Awakening   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:14 pm

O'Neill wakes up in a bed. His wife Sara is next to him.
SARA: Rise and shine honey!
O'NEILL: Good morning to you too...
O'Neill yawns
SARA: You know which day is it today?
O'NEILL: Wednesday... Wait... No... Tuesday.
SARA: It's Charlie's birthday!
O'NEILL: O crap... I forgot.
He gets up
SARA: It's OK... He's still sleeping. And honey... put some pants on...
He looks down...
O'NEILL: O crap...
And covers himself with his pillow

O'Neill's garden, outside his house
CHARLIE: Hey mom... Where's dad?
SARA: I don't know, maybe he's in the kitchen. Go check inside.
Runs in the house and into the kitchen, there's no one in
O'NEILL from the living room: In here!
Charlie comes in the living room
O'NEILL: Surprise!!!
Gives him a big box covered with blue paper
CHARLIE: Thanks... What is it?
Sara comes in
O'NEILL: It's something big.
SARA: Yeah... Jack, you shouldn't.
O'NEILL : Oh... c'mon... This is a father-son thing.
Charlie opens the box
CHARLIE: It's a...
O'NEILL: Fishing kit!

Delphi, Apollo's temple
DANIEL: Honey! Take a look at this!
Elena comes in
ELENA: What is it...
DANIEL: It's a solid proof of Apollo's rule on Earth. He controlled most of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.
ELENA: But he's dead now...
Daniel smiles
DANIEL: Yeah... thanks to us.
ELENA: Hey... I heard that there's a nice restaurant in the center.
DANIEL: Just a little bit, I have to finish the translation, I'll meet you there.

Rock concert, young people are dancing to rock music, Parker is in the near bar
BARTENDER: Here you go...
Parker gets a glass of beer
PARKER: Thanks... you know I never thought that concerts can be fun...
PARKER: Yeah, I was studying hard to finish school wit fantastic grades, but i missed the fun...
BARTENDER: So what are you doing now?
PARKER: I'm in military... shootin' alien butts.
Bartender doesn't take him seriously
BARTENDER: That's a good one... I really don't believe that aliens exist...
PARKER: Oh... you soon will...
BARTENDER: Yeah... you're drinkin' too much... your brain is totally dead.
PARKER: Hahaha... don't mess with me... you... oh... I just want to rest a bit... I'm going home!
BARTENDER: You won't make it in that condition... sit here and relax. You can keep an eye on the money...
PARKER: I'll just sleep a little, tiny bit.
His head hits the counter
BARTENDER: Hey Andy... Are you OK?
PARKER: Yeah...
BARTENDER: Oh... fine just checking...

Gas station, O'Neill is in the shop
O'NEILL: And some candy for the kid...
CLERK: What would you like to have...
O'NEILL: I don't know... what do kids eat these days anyway?
CLERK: Fast food, but we don't sell it here...
O'NEILL: Just give me a lollipop.
CLERK: Okay... that would be $20,50

Greek restaurant in Delphi
WAITER: Anything else?
DANIEL: No thanks.
ELENA: Daniel...
WAITER: Yes ma'am?
ELENA: A glass of water, please.
Waiter leaves the table
ELENA: Daniel...
DANIEL: Yes, there's nothing special in the temple, only writings about the end of the world...
ELENA: Daniel...
DANIEL: Yes, honey...
ELENA: You should meet my parents.
DANIEL: What? Why... I mean it's cool, great.
ELENA: Just a minute
Elena takes her phone out of her bag
DANIEL: Who are you calling?
ELENA: My mom, they live here...
DANIEL: They're here? Now?

Early morning, bar next to the stage where the band is preparing to leave
BARTENDER: Hey... Andy
Parker wakes up
PARKER: Wha?... Where am I?
BARTENDER: Wonderland, Andy. Welcome.
PARKER: Really?
BARTENDER: No. But you were dirinkin' too much last night.
PARKER: What time is it?
BARTENDER: It's 5:30.
PARKER: Gotta run, bye...
Gives the bartender a $10 bill
PARKER: Keep the change.

Altachia, Dysenias laboratory, Dysenia and Sam are trying to turn on an ancient device
SAM: OK... that didn't work so well... let's try again.
DYSENIA: Try adjusting the amount of power to the generator
Sam types new settings into the computer
SAM: This should work.
Presses the button to start the simulation
Few seconds later the computer screen shows error sign
SAM: ****! This will never work.
DYSENIA: Let me try.
SAM: Go ahead, I'll try to figure it out on paper.
Takes her notebook and starts calculating
DYSENIA: Incoming power is okay, but the generator is not running on 100%... thats strange. I'll try to turn off the power blockade.
Sam is still writing in her notebook
SAM: Shut down the power blockade... that should work
DYSENIA: I already did it...
SAM: Oh... let's see
Dysenia presses the start button
Simulation is successful
SAM: Okay... we turned it on... now we have to learn how to use it.
DYSENIA: I have a meeting with Anthela. Continue if you like.
SAM: Thanks, but I'll go home to report about this device.

SGC, Control room
Smith's reporting new information to General Hammond
SMITH: General, later on the reports of space stations in Earth's orbit show that Apollo somehow escaped his ship before it was destroyed.
SMITH: They spotted a tiny ship, more like an escape pod near the Russian base.
HAMMOND: Did we inform all major governments about the nuclear testing?
SMITH: Yes but the message wasn't delivered until it was already tested.
HAMMOND: Good. That should keep the press quiet for a while.
Incoming wormhole
SMITH: It's Major Carter.
Iris opens and Carter comes through the gate.

Golden palace,Zeus is sitting on a big chair, Apollo is standing in front of him, two guards are near him.
ZEUS: You have disappointed me...
APOLLO: They will pay, Might of Olympus.
ZEUS: Or you will... instead.
APOLLO: Yes, my Might.
ZEUS: This is the second time with same humans... you will be rewarded...
APOLLO: I do not fear anything...
Zeus stand up, guards move closer to Apollo
ZEUS: What? How dare you...
APOLLO: I do not fear to complete your task...
ZEUS: You better do... It will not be an easy one.

O'NEILL: Where is major Parker?
HAMMOND: He's going to be a bit late... He had some... problems at home.
DANIEL: Really?
HAMMOND: Something with his mother... I didn'd actually understand... but it's the last day of vacation... so he'll be late.
Elena opens her notebook
HAMMOND: Yes, please... how were your missions?
SAM: The weapon which is based on Pandora's Box, Pandoras, is still in development, but Dysenia is working hard to reach it's maximum effect.
DANIEL: The mind reader, can also work as a mind controller, with which you can control your thoughts, when you're in deep sleep.
ELENA: Like in a dream... We all tested it.
HAMMOND: I see... what are the effects?
O'NEILL: You feel good, you can control action of others also... It's like a movie you direct...

Hall, after briefing
O'NEILL: So, Daniel... what were you dreaming about... I bet you were saving the universe with your mind...
DANIEL: No... I was on vacation... In Greece
ELENA: Funny...
ELENA: Me too...

Fun fact: The name of the sequel was changed 2 times. The original name is DISTANT MEMORIES which was changed because it didn't fit the story. It was replaced with CONTINUATION which was then changed to AWAKENING.
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Episode 02: Awakening
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