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 Stargate: Aurora and Stargate Hathos

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PostSubject: Stargate: Aurora and Stargate Hathos   Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:15 am

Hey everybody, myself, and John Sheppard (of our forum) write our own fanfic series as well, much like Stargate Olympus. They are separate, both story and universe wise.
Here's the gists...
Stargate: Aurora, written by Cameron Mitchell-After SG-1 is separated, the Lt. Colonel Sean Spencer takes command of the new SG-1. On a mission to stop a supposed attack on Earth from the Gould, he and his team meet up with a surprise that they never expected. I can't say anything without spoiling the story, but it takes them into the Aurora Galaxy to stop the new enemy from activating a Dakara-like super weapon, decimating humanity in the universe, and recreating the universe in their own image.
Lt. Colonel Sean Spencer
Dr. Carlton Rite
Captain Lewis Breaux (bro, it's French)
Major Rachel Fisher
Lt. Major Jameson Rudford

Stargate Hathos, written by John Sheppard-Sorry if I get this wrong, but it's a good fanfic, still young though Very Happy Okay, when the Stargate Program is revealed to the world, people panic all across the world. But Stargate Operations continue. It is written from John Sheppard's point of view I believe. He joins an expedition through the Stargate to the Hathos Galaxy. The teams come out into a dark, rocky area, later revealed to be a large facility, the mountain being a cloak. It's gonna be good, but it had to go on temporary hiatus, but it's coming VERY SOON Razz
Colonel Johnathan (probably would punch you for calling him that Razz) Sheppard
Doctor Rodney McKay
Ronon Dex (may change name wise)
Teyla Emmagon

These two are great fanfics, you can find them here...
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Stargate: Aurora and Stargate Hathos
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