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 Episode 02: Prisoners (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Episode 02: Prisoners (Part 2)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:51 pm

Previously on Stargate Olympus
When Jack & and Daniel step through the gate they meet a villager named Vasilis.
They get caught by a guard who takes them into prison at Hades's palace.
Sam, SG-2 and 3 are assigned to help them...

(city road)
SAM: Where are you taking us?
GUARD: You will see.
KAWALSKY: Listen, we are here only for rescuing our guys. We won't kill anybody.
GUARD: My master shall know your intentions.
SAM: Who is your master?
GUARD: Mighty Hades!
SAM: Colonel O'Neill mentioned him before
GUARD: You know him?
SAM: Erm... not quite... I know him by his name... but that won't save me right?

DANIEL: So... how does Hades look like?
VASILIS: I've never seen him... I don't know.
O'NEILL: Have you ever been to Earth?
DANIEL: You aren't helping right now.
VASILIS: It's prohibited to enter his palace.
O'NEILL: Is there a possibility that this Hades doesn't even exist?
GUARD 2: Shut up!
O'NEILL: I'm just making conversation here.
DANIEL: Mabe they shouldn't doubt in their god.
O'NEILL: So talk about weather... we need to get outta here!
DANIEL: Just let me talk and I'll find out something...
(guards bring the rescue team to the prison)
O'NEILL: Kawalsky?
GUARD: No talking... you will meet mighty Hades now!

GUARD: Mighty Hades they are questioning your power.
O'NEILL: Hi there!
HADES: Who are you?
DANIEL: My name is Daniel Jackson and we all come from the planet called Earth.
SAM: We are explorers.
VASILIS: They mean no harm.
GUARD: They do not believe in your greatness!
HADES: Is that so...?
O'NEILL: How can we believe in someone if we don't even know him!?
HADES: Well you shall find out more about me if you are interested.
DANIEL: Yes...
O'NEILL: don't you get it Daniel? He'll show us his power. The killing part you're afraid off.
SAM: What?
O'NEILL: Oh we were just talking about...
GUARD: Enough!
HADES: Take them to prison... I'll think about what to do with them.

KAWALSKY: So Jack... any plans of getting us out?
O'NEILL: I'm thinking.
DANIEL: Try thinking faster.
O'NEILL: You are the smart one here...
SAM: My lucky necklace...
KAWALSKY: Can it do tricks?
SAM: Guard!
GUARD 2:What?
SAM: Listen, we really wanna serve your god.
O'NEILL: What are you doing?
SAM: Freeing us... They didn't take my knife... it's hidden in the lucky amulet.
O'NEILL: So you will stab him?
SAM: No... I was thinking you will...
(guard comes to the cell)
O'NEILL: Hi there!
GUARD 2: If you pass the test you can... (he feels something on his stomach)
O'NEILL: If you call for help, I'll push it a bit forward! If you want to live unlock us an let us go.
GUARD 2: Never
O'NEILL: Okay I lied anyway (he stabs the guard and unlocks the door) Let's go!
GUARD: Help!

(city road)
VASILIS: Take me with you
KAWALSKY: We can't.
VASILIS: I'll die here!
O'NEILL: Okay... but you won't be treated like a king... you ar an alien...
DANIEL: He helped us...
DANIEL: He helped me with some information... he can come useful...
SAM: I'll dial back home.
O'NEILL: Okay!
(gate opens)
VASILIS: Thank you!

HAMMOND: Welcome back!
O'NEILL: Yeah it's great to be back.
HAMMOND: Who is he? (pointing to Vasilis)
VASILIS: My name is Vasilis, these people saved me from sure death.
HAMMOND: We'll try to do our best to make you feel as at home.
DANIEL: He's a slave on his planet...
O'NEILL: Maybe he meant his house... kitchen, bedroom.
HAMMOND: What took you so long?
O'NEILL: Problems with passports.
HAMMOND: Where are your weapons?
DANIEL: They were taken when we were in prison.
HAMMOND: You'll report more on briefing. Dismissed.
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Episode 02: Prisoners (Part 2)
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