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 Episode 03: Oracle (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Episode 03: Oracle (Part 1)   Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:28 pm

Golden palace, priests come to give gifts to Zeus
ZEUS: What are you bringing, loyal servants?
PRIEST: We are bringing you food, from our fields and wine from our wine yards.
ZEUS: Ahh... yes... leave it here...
PRIES: Yes Might... may we serve you with anything else?
ZEUS: No... you can leave. Tell the people that I am pleased with their gifts.
Priests leave the room, Zeus steps down and looks at food, grabs a grape and squeezes it between his fingers
ZEUS: Guards... prepare to leave...

SGC, briefing room
Elena is doing a presentation
ELENA: We know of the Olympians.
O'NEILL: Yes...
ELENA: But what about Olympus?
SAM: What do you mean?
ELENA: The original Greek gods lived on a mountain called Olympus.
O'NEILL. And what are you trying to say?
ELENA: There is a possibility that it exists out there.
O'NEILL: Well... we have one in Greece.
DANIEL: Jack... let her finish.
ELENA: According to the books that I brought back form Diophos, Olympus actually exists.
HAMMOND: And what is there?
ELENA: I don't know. It's mentioned only.
PARKER: So... we go there and...
DANIEL: Olympus was the main place in Greek mythology. The White House in ancient Greece. I say we go there.
ELENA: Well... first we need an address.
O'NEILL: Oh... you don't have one?
SAM: It could be in our database...
HAMMOND: You'll keep on doing your missions as planned. But if you find out something interesting...
ELENA: You're the first to call... I know.

SGC, Laboratory
Telephone rings
FRAISER: Fraiser here... Yes, understood.
JADE: What is it?
FRAISER: SG-3 returned from a mission, one is injured.
JADE: Let's go!
FRAISER: Stay here and prepare everything.
JADE: Okay.

Golden palace, a woman is sitting on Zeus's chair
PRIEST: Might's Bride, what do you need?
HERA: Establish a stargate connection with the Cythera.
PRIEST: Yes Might's.
Priest starts do dial the gate
The gate opens and the communication device turns on
HERA: Aphrodite! I know you can hear me.
Few seconds of silence
APHRODITE: What is ti that you want after all this time?
HERA: It's not that long ago you know... Zeus left Olympus to take care of Apollo's work.
APHRODITE: Looks like he still can't please Might.
HERA: No... But this can be your chance.
APHRODITE: To start that war all over again?
HERA: No... not war. I'm offering you the throne of Olympus.
APHRODITE: The... throne... of Olympus.
HERA: You know in what way Zeus gained his power the first time.
APHRODITE: Yes... I will prepare myself.
Gate shuts down
PRIEST: Might's? What are you doing.
HERA: Killing the possible witnesses.
Hera looks at the priest, he falls on the floor and dies

SGC, Elena's study room
Telephone rings, Elena answers
ELENA: Yes... I'll be right there.
She runs towards the gate room
HAMMOND: Dr. Garcia... Demeter has some news for you.
ELENA: News?
DEMETER: I heard that you are looking for Olympus?
ELENA: I am...

Control room
ELENA: What do you know about Olympus?
DEMETER: Olympus is in a galaxy not far from here. If you agree we can establish a connection...
ELENA: Yes, you can...
HAMMOND: You are aware that the decision is still in my hands...
ELENA: Yes, general... I understand.
HAMMOND: We will discuss this in the briefing room.
ELENA: Okay... I understand...
HAMMOND: Good... meet me there in ten minutes.
Hammond leaves
ELENA: What can you tell me about Olympus
DEMETER: It was once my home, but after the war I left. I never returned but I still have the address.
ELENA: The war between Olympians?
DEMETER: Yes, The Olympians are divided in two groups. Zeus however is the leader of the main Olympians. After we won a war with the minor Olympians he managed to subordinate some of them.
DANIEL: So... If you won, why did you leave?
DEMETER: We never liked him being the leader. Hera is now planing to take over his palace.
DANIEL: How do you know that?
DEMETER: Some of my spies are constantly in that galaxy collecting information.
ELENA: Where is Zeus now?

Fraiser is controlling lt. Patton's eyes
FRAISER: So... what happened?
PATTON: The second we stepped through the gate someone started to shoot at us.
Fraiser turns off the light
FRAISER: Okay... nothing is wrong, you'll just have to rest for a while 'till the wound is healed.
PATTON: Thanks, doctor.
FRAIER: You're welcome

SGC, brifing room
O'NEILL: Where Is Zeus?
ELENA: He's on his way to this galaxy.
HAMMOND: Can he be a threat for us?
DEMETER: Not for now. But I haven't received the latest in tell.
SAM: So you say that this galaxy...
DEMETER: Chaotis.
SAM: Chaotis... is accessible by a stargate.
DEMETER: With some modifications. Yes.
HAMMOND: Doctor Garcia... may I speak with you in private?
They both go to Hammonds office
HAMMOND: She's an Olympian...
ELENA: Not entirely... she was escaped and the Alitheans accepted her after we used the Pandora's Box.
HAMMOND: I'm just saying that you should work with caution.
ELENA: Is that a ''yes''?
HAMMOND: Yes... you have a go. I'll send you some help to choose teams and their members.
ELENA: Okay... thank you sir.
HAMMOND: Good luck
Elena goes back in the briefing room
DEMETER: What have you decided?
ELENA: I'm coming with you to learn more about Chaotis.
HAMMOND: Lt. Parker will accompany you.

Golden Palace, Olympus
HERA: I'm glad you arrived, Athena.
Athena approaches Hera
ATHENA: Where is Zeus?
HERA: He went to Galax to destroy Alitheans and all other minor Olympians
ATHENA: He never gives up. Does he?
HERA: You know that you're a minor Olympian also...
ATHENA: If we join forces he could never defeat us.
HERA: If... Ares is dead, Apollo lost his fleet...
ATHENA: We will fight him no matter what.

Elena, Parker, Demeter and Anthela are in the alithean conference room
ANTHELA: We also had our home in Chaotis, but during the war we left because Zeus didn't care where he was fighting.
DEMETER: Many innocent lives were lost.
ELENA: Who also came to this galaxy after the war.
ANTHELA: All minor Olympians, Demeter, other smaller races...
DEMETER: Hades also came here. His slaves are the descendants of the prisoners, captured during the war.
ANTHELA: And to decrease the chance of revolt in Chaotis, they were brought here.
Eryx comes in the conference room
ANTHELA: What is it?
ERYX: Our sensors detected a major Olympian ship near our solar system.
PARKER: That could be a problem.
ANTHELA: Contact Earth, call for reinforcements

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Episode 03: Oracle (Part 1)
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