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 Episode 04: Last Chance (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Episode 04: Last Chance (Part 2)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:30 pm

Altachia, Zeus' ship is in the planet's orbit,
Parker and Elena are in the conference room with other Alitheans
Anthela steps forward
ANTHELA: Listen to me very carefully! We have to fight for our freedom.
Some who are not convicted in their win start to talk
ANTHELA: Will you listen to me!? This is a hard situation we're in. We will use all of our weapons, ships and men who re ready to fight! We will not let Olympians tak our home!
Eryx comes into the room
ANTHELA: Any news?
ERYX: A smaller ship landed not far from here.
ANTHELA. They came to ask us to surrender.
Vasilis steps forward
VASILIS: We will not surrender without a fight!

SGC, Brieffing room, SG-1, Hammond and Dysenia are sitting at the table
DYSENIA: I was lucky to get pass the ship's sensors.
SAM: How big is this ship?
DYSENIA: It's three or four times larger than our Urania
O'NEILL: Big problem
HAMMOND: How can we assist you and your people?
DYSENIA: We could use any help from our allies.
DANIEL: Let's not forget... Elena and Lt. Parker are still on Altachia.
SAM: You're saying that we can't defeat the Olympians attacking your planet?
DYSENIA: It's possible but the chances are very small. They developed a lot after we left.
O'NEILL: I say we give it a try... And kick some ass
DANIEL: Jack... this is not a good time for humor.
HAMMOND: I agree, Dr. Jackson. Colonel O'Neill?
Jack realises he's not so funny
O'NEILL: Oh... right. Sorry sir.
HAMMOND: You and SG-2 are going to help. Is it safe to travel by stargate?
DYSENIA: Yes. It's close to the main building. But we will travel by ship. We'll remain cloaked and wait for right time to attack.
O'NEILL. Sounds like a good plan. How will you know when is the right time?
DYSENIA: We will stay in touch with our base and they will give us advice.
DYSENIA: I will need one man on my ship to help me. Colonel... I would like you to be that man.
O'NEILL: Okay. If that is okay with general.
HAMMOND: It's a deal. How long do you need to get there?
DYSENIA: In few hours. We've upgraded the hyperspace system.

Zeus' ship
Soldiers returned from the planets' surface
ZEUS: What did they say?
SOLDIER: They didn't want to give up their planet.
ZEUS: Is that so...
SOLDIER: Yes, Might.
ZEUS: We will have to do it the hard way. Prepare the weapons, get into battle ships. Make sure they won't survive.

Olympus, many Olympians are gathered in the Golden palace
HERA: From this moment on I am taking Zeus' position as a leader.
POSEIDON: You have no right to do that.
HERA: No... but there is a chance that he will not return from his journey.
Poseidon looks at her with suspicion
POSEIDON: What are you saying?
HERA: Admit it... even you disagreed when he took the throne!
ATHENA: Are you saying that we should help the humans?
HERA: Not help them... we let him do the work and then take over his newly gained territory.
APHRODITE: By killing him...
POSEIDON: We cannot kill one of our own. You know we can't do that!
HERA: We can not. But THEY can.
ATHENA: They...? Hera what are you talking about?
HERA: Not what. WHO.
APHRODITE: No, no, no... we will be putting ourselves into danger. Apollo was the only one who could control them.
POSEIDON: And he is with Zeus now.
HERA: Not on the same ship. There are three ships in Galax. One is heading to Diophos, one to Altachia and another to Gaia.
POSEIDON: How will w know where Apollo is?
HERA: Zeus wants the big goal for himself. He's on Altachia.
APHRODITE: It's obvious. He's going to Gaia. He failed there two times. That is his position for sure.
HERA: We go there and capture him.
POSEIDON: He won't help us. He rather dies than betrays Zeus.
HERA: We will see...

SGC, Hammond's office
Senator Kerry is back to discuss something with Hammond
KERRY: The people are getting very nervous.
HAMMOND: We cannot tell them that there is a big ring in here that transports people to other planets...
KERRY: Sooner or later. You will have to.
HAMMOND: What about telling them that there are many of bad guys out there.
KERRY: They are very close. We won't be able to lie to them forever.
HAMMOND: As long as we have to. And we will.
KERRY: You are hard to deal with you know. That's why you are a leader. Strong mind. That's good.
Kerry leaves

Anthela looks at the people standing near the stargate.
ANTHELA: Is everybody ready?
CHRYSPA: Yes. We have enough food for few months, latest technology developments...
ANTHELA: Good. We have no time to spare for small talk. Start dialing!
Eryx starts dialing the gate
ANTHELA: I wish you all good luck.
Stargate openes
Anthela looks at Elena and Parker
ANTHELA: Are you sure about this.
ELENA: I am.
PARKER: I can't... I still take orders from Col. O'Neill.
ELENA: Oh... can't you just go and not think... this could be an adventure.
Others start walking through the gate
PARKER: I'll stay here and defend this place. They need me here.
ANTHELA: We already know that we can't win this one here.
ELENA: I'm going. You decide.
Urania just enters Altachia's orbit.
DYSENIA(through radio connection): This is Dysenia, we came to help.
ANTHELA: Thank you. You're just in time. Our people are going through the gate already.
DYSENIA: As planned.
PARKER: Is Col. O'Neill with you?
O'NEILL(radio): Yes... here I am... you need me.
PARKER: Sir. I'd like to join them on their mission.
O'NEILL: Go... have fun.
PARKER: Thank you sir.
O'NEILL: You're welcome.
Parker goes through the gate, few seconds later the gate shuts down.
ANTHELA: Dysenia. Ready your weapons. We'll try anyway. We didn't want to give people too much hope.

Stargate opens, 10 nymphs come through
NYMPH: Find all living here. And kill them. We' have to prepare this planet for our master.
Other nymphs scatter and look for settlements
NYMPH: This will be a good place to torture our dirty, traitorous peasants!
The nymph hisses

Urania, Dysenia and Anthela are talking through the radio.
ANTHELA(radio): We have our men prepared here.
DYSENIA: Okay... we will attack the ship's weapon systems.
ANTHELA: Good luck, stay in contact.
Dysenia and SG-1 starts to approach Zeus' ship with Urania
DYSENIA: Are the weapons ready?
SAM: Weapons are at 100% power.
DYSENIA: Shields?
SAM: 100%
DYSENIA: Cloaking device.
DANIEL: 70% it seems it has some problems...
DYSENIA: Hyperdrive is at 50%. If we're going to make a run for it, we'll have to turn of our weapons. Colonel, are you ready?
O'NEILL: Yes maam.
DYSENIA: Okay. You have to fire only at this weapons, which are located on the bottom site of the ship.
O'NEILL: Okay, take us there.
Zeus starts firing on the planet
DANIEL: Wait! They already started!
DYSENIA: Fire now!
O'Neill presses the button to fire the ship's ammo, he hits some targeted weapons
SAM: They spotted us, Some of their weapons are turning against us!
DYSENA: Uncloak! I'll reverse the power to the shields.
Daniel turns off the shield
DYSENIA: This is not going to work.
Turns on the radio connection
DYSENIA(radio): Anthela, attach the sensor for teleporting on our main database computer!
ANTHELA: Okay...
Anthela searches for the sensor
DYSENIA: Then activate the gate to Alipoly and get as many things as possible through the stargate.
Anthela finds the sensor and attaches it on the computer
The next second a part of the facility explodes
Anthela starts to dial the gate
Database computer gets teleported to Urania
Stargate openes, but when Anthela tries to go through another part of the facility explodes and the celling crushes on Anthela
Dysenia turns the ship around and powers the engines
DYSENIA: Anthela, please respond...
DANIEL: Let's hope she made it...
Zeus hits Urania with one of his weapons
SAM: Turn on the hyperdrive, we wont make it if we stay here!
DYSENIA: Hyperdrive is at 100%
Urania enters Hyperspace

Chaotis galaxy, Alithean home planet, they are in an Ancient city similar to Atlantis
Stargate is still active
CHRYSPA: We have to shut down the stargate... they will know where we are
THIROS: What about Anthela? And all the other Alitheans.
CHRYSPA: We would receive a code by now. Shut it down!
Eryx shuts down the gate

Urania in hyperspace heading towards Earth
DYSENIA: We will have to return to see if there is any survivors.
SAM: I doubt that anyone who didn't get through the gate survived that explosion.
DYSENIA: There is always hope...
A little pause
O'NEILL: So... what is in this database?
DYSENIA: Almost all our technology and our latest developments. We are giving it to you. Now that Alitheans are back in Chaotis.
DANIEL: There are still some undercover agents on various planets. You aren't alone.
DYSENIA: All undercover operators were either protecting the city or are in Alipoly. I am the last one in this galaxy.
DANIEL: You can stay on Earth until we can establish a connection with them.
SAM: We arrived, exiting hyperspace...
Urania exits the hyperspace right next to another Olympian ship.
DANIEL: Oh no...

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Episode 04: Last Chance (Part 2)
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