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 Episode 05: Uninvited (Part 3)

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PostSubject: Episode 05: Uninvited (Part 3)   Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:47 pm

Kerry enters in Hammond office accompanied by two soldiers
HAMMOND: What is this?
KERRY: General, you no longer work here.
KERRY: You've just been discharged from your position as the leader of Stargate Command.
Hammond stands up from his chair
HAMMOND: How is this possible?
KERRY: Direct orders from the president.

Earth's orbit, On board of Urania
O'NEILL: Can you contact SGC?
DYSENIA: Just a moment...
Changes some settings in the main control
O'NEILL: Gen. Hammond, this is Col. O'Neill, please respond.
Few seconds of silence
O'NEILL: This is Col. O'Neill. SGC, please respond. Nothing.
After few seconds someone answers
VOICE: Col. O'Neill. This is SGC, what is your status?
O'NEILL: Kerry?
VOICE: Col. O'Neill, this is SGC. What is your status?
O'NEILL: There is an Olympian ship in Earth's orbit. And How the hell are you answering in Gen. Hammond's place?
VOICE: This is no way to speak with your superior. And yes... we know about the ship.

Elena, Parker and Two other Alitheans are looking around the city
ELENA: This is... amazing.
PARKER: Yeah... who built it?
ELEAS: Our ancestors long ago. Then they were forced to leave.
ELENA: It seems no one has been here since. No evidence of recent activity.
PARKER: We still have to be careful.
They hear a noise
ALEXIOS: Wait!... I heard something.
ELENA: Me too...
PARKER: What was it.
ELEAS: It came from down there... like someone was running...
ALEXIOS: Shut up... let's go
They go after the noise, Alexios turns on the radio connection
ALEXIOS: Chryspa, we have an intruder in the city.
CHRYSPA (radio): Are you sure? How many are there.
ALEXIOS: Can't tell for sure. We're going to check it out.
They reach a bigger room, they stop and Alexios shows other to hide
ELENA: How many?
PARKER: What are they doing here?
ELEAS: Probably just passing by... Maybe trading.
PARKER: Trading... with who?
ALEXIOS: You're right. No one was here for a long time. They knew we were coming.
Turns on the radio again
ALEXIOS: Chryspa. There are five intruders near the storage rooms.
CHRYSPA(r): Do not fire, try to talk to them first.
ALEXIOS: Okay... Let's go
He stands up, points the gun on one of them.
ALEXIOS: Who are you?
The intruders turn around and start to shoot at them. They return fire.
Alexios shoots two of them.Other three stop and run away.
ALEXIOS: Get them.

SGC, Kerry's office(the one Hammond had before)
Camera is pointed to the desk and Kerry is sitting in his new chair
CAMERAMAN: In three, two, one...
Gives Kerry a sign to start.
KERRY: Thank you mister president. About a year ago we managed to open a connection to another planet in another part of this galaxy. We did it with a device called the stargate. It can instantly transport you through this galaxy and even further. Although our intentions were peaceful , we came across with a strong and very organized enemy. Our planet is in grave danger, we might expect an attack soon.
Briefing room, all the personnel is gathered together
DIXON: We never thought it will come to this...
FRAISER: We have to prepare for the war
STONE: Where is SG-1?

Apollo's ship in Earth's orbit
Apollo is sitting in his chair next to the main ship console
APOLLO: This time no warnings. Attack them!
SHIP OPERATOR: Where would you like to strike first, Mighty One?
APOLLO: Where it hurts most... fin all well developed areas on the planet.
Map of Earth appears on screen and the land is colored in black and yellow frames.
SHIP OPERATOR: Mighty One, there are several well developed places on the planet...
APOLLO: Choose one!
SHIP OPERATOR: Yes, Mighty One.
He presses somewhere in Europe with his finger
APOLLO: Good. Now, destroy them. Piece by piece.
Operator presses another button on the console and the weapon shoots a huge ray on the Earth's surface
APOLLO: I will make sure they pay!!
SGC, Kerry's office
Smith enters the room
SMITH: Senator, we just received news about an attack on Earth.
KERRY: Where?
SMITH: Berlin... the city has been wiped out in matter of seconds.
KERRY: Let's just hope they don't get here.
Apollo's ship
SHIP OPERATOR: Where should we attack next, Mighty One?
APOLLO: Where is the stargate?
Operator points his finger on the map where Cheyenne mountain is
SHIP OPERATOR: Here, do we attack it?
APOLLO: No... I have other plans... somewhere near.
He looks around and points his finger on New York
APOLLO: There!

Alipoly, gate room
CHRYSPA: Should we contact Altachia again?
THIROS: I'm sure if there were any survivors they would contact us...
CHRYSPA: You're right.
Alexios contacts her over radio
ALEXIOS(r): We got them.
CHRYSPA: Good. I will send someone to bring them here. You should continue looking around more could be hiding in the city
ALEXIOS(r): Good. We are waiting in the storage room. Three levels down.
CHRYSPA: Vasilis! Gather three more and go to the storage room to bring some intruders.
Vasilis leaves
THIROS: What about the two Gaians?
CHRYSPA: Until we find a way to send them home they can stay here. They seem to be very useful.

Apollo's ship
APOLLO: Send a signal to Lyras to send reinforcements through the stargate.
SHIP OPERATOR: Yes, Mighty One.
Operator turns on a signal transmitter and sends a message to Lyras
APOLLO: They have no future in this life.
APOLLO: What is it?
SHIP OPERATOR: Our sensors have detected a ship near us.
APOLLO: Who is it?
SHIP OPERATOR: I don't know but it seems to be Alithean.
APOLLO: Establish a connection!
Operator turns on the communicator
APOLLO: Alithean! Surrender now or you will be killed!
No answer
APOLLO: Alihean! Elaphrys sti Skoteina!
DYSENIA(r): You think your words hurt?
APOLLO: Who are you?
DYSENIA(r): All you need to know that you will die soon
APOLLO(r): If someone is to die it is you and your kind.
DYSENIA: Your lies kill only your own!
Few seconds of silence
APOLLO(r): What is this? Who is blocking our soldiers to take over Earth?
Dysenia looks at O'Neill
O'Neill looks at Sam
SAM: The shield was removed when we used the Pandora's box... it can only be someone coming to Earth before them.
DYSENIA: Apollo... you see... you can't take over Gaia. You were never able to do it.
APOLLO(r): Prepare to die... kill them!
DYSENIA: Quick, stand near me.
Urania is attacked. It's shields are about to run out of power
DYSENIA: Grab my hand!
Apollo hits Urania again with his weapons
SG-1 and Dysenia disappear in a flash

They appear in the gate room of SGC
A young man is standing in front of the stargate which is stil active
KERRY: SG-1, I see you finally came. Do you know him?
KESAR: I am Kesar from Orotonia.
O'NEILL: Sorry... I hear no bells ringing?
KESAR: I do not understand...
DANIEL: We do not where Orotonia is. What exactly are you doing here.
KESAR: I came here to fulfill a prophecy of our ancestors.
O'NEILL: Is that good or bad?

Earh's orbit, Another Olympian ship approaches Apollo's
SHIP OPERATOR: Mighty one, another Olympian has come.
APOLLO: It must be Zeus. He came to see my work. Prepare everything for his arrival.
SHIP OPERATOR: Yes, Mighty One.
Operator leaves Apollo alone.
Suddenly radio connection between ships is established
VOICE: Greetings old friend...
APOLLO: Hera... Are you planning to take over?
HERA(r): Yes...
APOLLO: You are too late. Soon there will be nothing to take over.
HERA(r): Not on the planet. I agree.
APOLLO: What do you mean?
HERA(r):You will see...
Hera's ship
APOLLO(r) I will see what?
Hera looks at the ship operator
HERA: Fire!
Apollo's ship is hit by Hera's weapons
APOLLO(r): What is this now!?
HERA: If you want to live turn off all the power from the shields.
APOLLO(r): No!
HERA: Your shields won't hold on for long... you better listen to me.
After few seconds
APOLLO(r): Now what?
HERA: Just wait
Apollo is teleported to Hera's ship
APOLLO: What is this?
HERA: We are taking you for a little trip...

Three intruders are in the conference room, tied up in the chairs and guarded by Alexios, Vasilis and Parker
CHRYSPA: You refuse to tell us who you serve...
INTRUDER: We serve to no one. We are free traders.
CHRYSPA: You see... what is your name anyway?
CHRYSPA: Ateon... you know well that this planet is inhabited.
ATEON: Why are you here then?
CHRYSPA: That should not concern you. You are now our prisoner and you will talk.
Alexios points his gun into Ateon's head
ATEON: We come here every now or then...
CHRYSPA: May I know why?
Alexios pots his gun on Ateon's forehead
ATEON: Okay, okay... you don't need to shoot me. Our masters want to know if you have returned. We are only messengers. That's all.
CHRYSPA: Who do you serve?
ATEON: Olympus.

Hera's ship exits hyperspace near Phobos
APOLLO: What do you intend to do?
HERA: Not us. You.
APOLLO: No. I won't do it.
HERA: You did it many times. Who did you kill last like this? Was he Olympian?
APOLLO: Ares... How do you know?
HERA: It doesn't matter.
APOLLO: And if I decide not to do it?
HERA: We will kill you
Apollo laughs
APOLLO: You know you can't do it. That will be killing yourself.
HERA: I'm ready to take that risk.
APOLLO: Even if you kill me. You won't be able to control them.
HERA: In time... on of us will find a way.

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Episode 05: Uninvited (Part 3)
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