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 Episode 06: Covering The Tracks (Part 4)

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PostSubject: Episode 06: Covering The Tracks (Part 4)   Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:49 pm

SGC, Kerry's office
KERRY: I can't tell how sorry I am for all that people...
GARRYCK: We are talking about two billion people!
GARRYCK: Yes... two billion all over the World!
KERRY: It is not completely my fault. I never agreed with Stargate program.
GARRYCK: But you still sit in this chair!
Kerry stands up
KERRY: Well... I quit. Give Hammond back his office, I can't take this anymore.
GARRYCK: Well then. Call him yourself.
KERRY: You know what? I will!
Kerry runs out of the office and slams the door

Altachia, Apollo's ship exits hyperspace and approaches the Zeus' ship
ZEUS: What is this? Establish a connection!
Operator opens radio connection
ZEUS: What is this? Who are you?
ZEUS: Who are you!?
HERA(r): My dear... you shouldn't be so angry.
ZEUS: What are you doing here??
HERA(r): I just came to see what my lord is conquering. Shouldn't I?
ZEUS: No... you should be on Olympus. Controlling our planets.
HERA(r): Oh... I am controlling them. More than you would like.
ZEUS: What is the meaning of this?
HERA(r): Step to the main console so w can see you.
ZEUS: I'm not moving!
HERA(r): Well then... you can take your chair with you
Zeus disappears along with his chair in a flash and appears on Hera's ship
Hera is standing in front of him
HERA: So... You still like to sit in it?
Zeus stands up
ZEUS: What do you want... tell me!
HERA: Come with me...
ZEUS: Not until you tell me why are you here... and who is with you!
HERA: I thought you will never ask. Turn around...
Zeus turns around and sees all main Olympians his eyes stop at Apollo
ZEUS: You! How can you do this again and again?
HERA: Well... he was offered a better opportunity...
ZEUS: What kind of opportunity?

Conference room
CHRYSPA: We can't just release them. They will tell Olympians that we've returned
THIROS: We keep the here until we find a suitable solution.
ALEXIOS: Won't the Olympians search for them if they don't return?
CHRYSPA: You're right. Something must be done.
ALEXIOS: But until we find a way, I will keep an eye on them.
Elena contacts Alexios by radio
ELENA(r): Alexios, you have to come down here quickly.
ALEXIOS: What is it?
ELENA(r): There are more of them... at least four.
ALEXIOS: Stay where you are. i will be there right away.

SGC, Laboratory, Everybody is working on the Alithean database and extracting information of it
Smith comes in
SMITH: Major Carter!
Sam stands up and comes to Smith
SAM: What is it?
SMITH: Our sensors show that the Olympian ship is not active. It hasn't moved for several hours now...
SAM: Can we get there?
SMITH: Urania was destroyed by it. and NASA has no available means of transport...
SAM: Yes... that could be a problem... Maybe there is something in the database about beaming technology... Call Dysenia and tell her to come here.
Sam turns around
Smith leaves the lab
SAM: Listen people, we have an inactive Olympian ship in Earth's orbit. Now we have to find a way to get there, before others do.
Sam goes back to her laptop
Dysenia comes in
SAM: Dysenia... I thought you might help us. Is there a way for us to get on that ship.
DYSENIA: Yes... but that we will need to teleport us on it...
SAM: I'm sure the beaming technology is somewhere in the database.
DYSENIA: Try the last updates, it was entered not long ago from Urania.
SAM: Yes... I remember. You got it from Demeter when we were stealing Pandora's Box from Ares...
Sam searches the database for a while
SAM: There... now...
DYSENIA: You need help?
SAM: Well... we have the program... but where can we run it?
DYSENIA: Here... on the database computer. Just give me few moments.
SAM: No problem. Ehm.. people... we have it. So you can go on with your previous research.
SAM: Okay... I'll inform General Hammond.
DYSENIA: I will run some scans of the ship now.
SAM: Okay... check for life signs...
DYSNEIA: Okay. Go now... they will return for it.
SAM: Right...

Hera's ship in the hyperspace
Zeus is alone in a dark chamber, then the door opens and Hera comes in
ZEUS: Who is this?
HERA: It's me. And I'm bringing you, as promised, a surprise.
ZEUS: If you came to kill me, do it right away. Don't hesitate.
HERA: Well... I'm going to do the opposite thing. Apollo!
Apollo comes in with a dark figure next to him
ZEUS: What is this?
HERA: Your slow and painful death.

Abandoned Apollo's ship in Eart's orbit
Dysenia, Sam, Daniel, O'Neill and Kesar are on the ship
SAM: Ready to beam the teams?
HAMMOND(r): You may proceed, major.
Sam presses some buttons on the commands platform
SG-3, SG-4 and SG-5 are beamd on the ship
O'NEILL: Welcome aboard to... how is it called anyway?
DANIEL: It doesn't have a name.
DYSENIA: No. They are named by their owners.
O'NEILL: Your knowledge surprises me, you know.
DYSENIA: I happen to have a good source of information.
Dysenia smiles
O'NEILL: So... Apollo... 18?
DANIEL: I was thinking about Apolonia. Plus this ship has nothing to do with Apollos of NASA.
O'NEILL: Oh, I forgot. You are the smart one here.
DYSENIA: We will name it later.
SAM: How long will it take this ship to fly to Chaotis or Andromeda as we call it?
DYSENIA: We will consider that later. We, Alitheans have a second planet in this galaxy. It isn't accessible by stargate. The people on it provide us with food. This is our first stop. May I?
Sam stands up from the chair
SAM: Go ahead. We will escort the teams to their new living spaces.
O'Neill steps forward
O'NEILL: Okay! SG-3 you're with me, SG-4 with doctor Jackson, and SG-5 with major Carter.
O'Neill turns to Sam
O'NEILL: We'll have to rename that too.
DYSENIA: We are ready, general.
HAMMOND(r): Just one thing. You will need a new leader.
DYSENIA: I'm reading another teleportation signal.
Dysenia presses a button to beam the person up
HAMMOND(r): Meet doctor Elizabeth Weir.
Elizabeth is beamed up
O'NEILL: Welcome aboard ma'am.
WEIR: Thank you, colonel.
HAMMOND(r): That would be all and good luck.
DYSENIA: Thank you, general. We are ready to jump into hyperspace.
Ship enters hyperspace

Hera's ship in the hyperspace
Zeus is lying on the floor, almost dead
ZEUS: You can kill me now.
HERA: No... We will finis this the right way. Bring the lampade in!
The door opens and lampade comes in alone
HERA: You see how she obeys me. That makes me even better queen of Olympus. Finish him!
Lampade comes closer to Zeus
ZEUS: Kill me. But I will find a way to return!!
HERA: I doubt you will. Nothing can escape Tartarus.
Lampade stretches its hands and the glow. Few seconds later they both disappear

SGC, Briefing room
Fraiser, Kawalsky, Hammond and Smith sit at the table
SMITH: What now?
HAMMOND: You will return to your old life. There was nothing I could do.
KAWALSKY: Why didn't we all go with them?
HAMMOND: I still need you here. In case the stargate program is renewed.
FRAISER: It was an honor to work with you all.
Fraiser face becomes sad, she almost starts crying
HAMMOND: Don't worry. You are the first I will call when that happens.
SMITH: If it happens...
KAWALSKY: Where will they put the stargate?
HAMMOND: Area 51. They will also take all our research.
FRAISER: We just have to hope that people on that ship will do well.
HAMMOND. Yes... that's all we can do.
Telephone in Hammond's office rings.
SMITH: General?
Hammond stands up
HAMMOND: Ah, yes. This may be the last.
He goes to his office
FRAISER: What now... where are you going.
KAWALSKY: Middle East. They offered me a place of a ground forces commander.
SMITH: Home, visit my family, friends. Haven't seen them a while. What about you?
FRAISER: I was thinking about school. Teach new generations of scientists.
Hammond comes back in
HAMMOND: This is it. The building has to be empty in two hours.
All stand up, and shake hands with each other and Hammond, then they leave
Hammond stays alone in the briefing room

THIROS: Should we try again?
CHRYSPA: Yes... dial Altachia again.
ERYX: Understood
Starts dialing the gate
Gate doesn't activate
CHRYSPA: What happened?
ERYX: Something is blocking the wormhole to establish. We can't dial Altachia.
CHRYSPA: There is only one conclusion. Altachia was destroyed. Anthela is gone. We will choose our new leader in the next days.
THIROS: We must prepare Mnimeia for Anthela.

A place very similar to Altachia, but no buildings only stargate which is active, chevrons are lit up in white color
A lady dressed in black is walking towards the stargate
Another white shiny figure appears in air in font of her
LIGHT: Anthela...
Anthela looks up
ANTHELA: Mother?
LIGHT: Are you ready to step to your eternal path? This is your last chance to change your mind...
Another stargate appears next to the first one, it's chevrons are yellow
ANTHELA: I am mother
Anthela steps through the stargate with white chevrons, the 'yellow' stargate shuts down

Fun & Facts & Bits of Future Events
This tetralogy was slowly growing and developing for about 6 weeks.
When I started writing Afterlife(which was originally meant to be a goa'uld based story) I got the idea to combine those two and give Olympus one extra character in a new not ordinary way.
A two-part story became three-part story which then became a four-part story because after a long brake there was so much to tell.
Continuing with ordinary stargate travels and fighting minor Olympians would get very boring, so this is a taste of something even bigger in the near future.
Next six episodes of Season Two will be mainly about Alipoly and Chaotis(aka Andromeda).

Olympus returns after few days longer brake
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Episode 06: Covering The Tracks (Part 4)
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