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 Episode 07: Andromeda

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PostSubject: Episode 07: Andromeda   Sat May 03, 2008 11:09 am

Alipoly, gate room
All Alitheans are gathered together, Thiros is standing in the middle and he's holding a red box in his hand
He rises the box above his head
THIROS: Progone, pardechte ti psychi Anthelas stea herea. Accept Anthela's soul with open hands.
OTHERS: Let her walk on her eternal path.
Thiros puts down the box
THIROS: Pardechte ti psychi Anthelas.
They all look down
THIROS: We shall remember her and share our memories with others.
OTHERS: Accept her soul in your hands.
Thiros picks up the box and leaves the gate room
CHRYSPA: This is a sad moment but we have to move on. Anthela's soul will guide us.

Gateroom, few hours later
Chryspa is standing on steps others are waiting for her to speak in front of the gate
CHRYSPA: The council decided about our new leader. We all agreed that there are many Alitheans which have contributed a lot for our people. But leader can only be one - Thiros.
Thiros steps up
THIROS: Thank you Chryspa. It is an honor for me to continue Anthela's work. I will try my best to make right decisions for our people.
All Alitheans put their right hand on their chest to show respect
Elena and Parker do the same
THIROS: Now let's go to work, we have to restore the city to its former glory.
All return to their work
Elena and Parker stay alone in the gate room
ELENA: What do you think is happening on Earth right now?
PARKER: I can't imagine.
Thiros comes down from the control room
THIROS: My friends, please don not feel left out. Come I will tell you about this city.
ELENA: That I'd love to hear.
They start walking up the stairs
THIROS: It was sixty thousand years ago when our ancestors began colonizing the galaxies. In the highest point of colonization they controlled over 200 planets in 6 galaxies. Every planet had a city like this. Other races followed them, they had many allies.
PARKER: Sounds like an intergalactic empire.
THIROS: It was. Until other less advanced bud bloodthirsty races started killing them.
ELENA: Who were they?
THIROS: They were different in every galaxy, many of our ancestors died only few were spared. Their spirits were so pure that they could leave their bodies and live in a higher plane of existence.
PARKER: That must be cool...
THIROS: But others found a way to ascend also... one of them are Olympians. But they couldn't do much as energy so they took bodies, human flesh to live.
His anger shows on his face
THIROS: They deny it. But we know the truth. And we spread it among their followers.
PARKER: Why did you leave the city?
THIROS: War... But some followed us. This city is the center of truth about Olympians and it must be protected at all costs. Are you ready for your first mission?

Ship hangar
Eryx is sitting in a gateship(jumper)
ERYX: I am ready to proceed. Open the outer gate.
He closes his eyes and the ship lifts off the ground and leaves the hangar
ERYX: All systems are operational.
He's flying between the towers
ERYX: You should see this.
THIROS(r): We shall search the planet later, now return to the city.
ERYX: Understood.
THIROS(r): Check other ships and return to control room, we need you here.
Eryx turns the ship around and flies it towards the hangar

First off-world mission in Andromeda galaxy for Elena & Parker
They are on a planet with pre-industrial settlements on it
Alexios and Vasilis are with them
They are approaching a village which is the nearest to the stargate
ALEXIOS: So how was life on your planet before you joined the stargate program?
PARKER: Well, we surely don't live in harmony.
ALEXIOS: I see...
ELENA: Six billion people can't find their common ground. We even speak over 200 languages.
VASILIS: And they keep their stargate a secret from the people.
PARKER: It would cause even bigger chaos.
They enter the village, people are looking at them with suspicion, one man steps forward
LONT: Welcome travelers from distant lands. I am Lont leader of this village
PARKER: My name is Andrew Parker, this is Elena Garcia, Alexios and Vasilis.
LONT: I don't know you. You must come from very far away.
PARKER: Even I can't imagine how far away.
LONT: Please, come. Not many foreigners visit our lands. We will talk by a drink.
They follow Lont into his house
Lont opens the door
LONT: Sit, sit. You must be tired from the long road.
PARKER: Not realy we came through the stargate.
LONT: The portal?
ELENA: Yes...
Lont closes the door very quickly
LONT: But you are different.
ALEXIOS: Different? How different?
LONT: You don't know? Only Amazons come trough the portal.
VASILIS: Amazons?
LONT: You really come from far away. Did you tell that to anyone else?
LONT: Good then come with me where we can talk without being heard.

Alipoly, prison
Ateon and other Intruders are locked in, Eleas and two other Alithans are guarding them
Suddenly all of them pass out
ELEAS: Call the medical team.
He turns on the radio connection
ELEAS: Thiros...
THIROS(r): What is it?
ELEAS: All our prisoners passed out at once.
THIROS(r): Did you call medical help?
ELEAS: I did.
Medical team enter the cell
YGEAS: They are dead... Take them to the laboratory.
ELEAS: Thiros... they died.
THIROS(r): There can only be one explanation.

Conference room, Parker, Alexios, Ygeas and Eryx are briefing to Thiros
ALEXIOS: The Amazons take humans with them and kill them. The people don't know the reason.
PARKER: But this one seemed different. If we met anyone else and tell them that we came through the same thing that their killers...
THIROS: You are right. You must meet him again.
ALEXIOS: We will go right away, with your permission.
THIROS: Yes. Lt. Parker... you may leave and prepare the team to return.
PARKER: Thank you sir.
He stands up and leaves
Thiros looks at Ygeas
THIROS: Was I correct about the dead?
YGEAS: Yes. It is Nymph nano technology.
THIROS: Are we in danger?
YGEAS: We must keep the dead bodies isolated. If the nanobots get in contact with human blood they will begin to replicate.
THIROS: Yes... it happened on Earth.
Thiros looks at Eryx
THIROS: Speaking of Earth... were you able to contact them.
ERYX: We had to adapt the system because it was only meant to connect to Altachia.
THIROS: What did you find out?
ERYX: Nothing. The stargate did not activate. It must be blocked too. We can contact another planet in Galax.
THIROS: No... we don't want to risk telling the Olympians that we came here.
Parker contacts Thiros by radio
PARKER(r): Our team is ready.
THIROS: Very well then. Alexios. You may go.
Alexios stands up
ALEXIOS: Understood
He leaves the room and walks towards the gate room
Parker, Elena and Vasilis are waiting by the stargate, Chryspa is at the controls
Stargate activates
CHRYSPA: Everything is clear, you can go.
They step through

They come out on the other side
Gate shuts down
ALEXIOS: Let's go...
After few minutes of walking they reach the village
People are in panic
ELENA: What happened here?
VALSILIS: Where is Lont?
Another villager steps in front of them
VILLAGER: You... you are responsible for this. Look people! They did it.
ELENA: We didn't do anything.
VILLAGER: You came through the portal! You must be serving Amazons.
ELENA: No you are mistaken.
VASILIS: It would be better if we leave.
ALEXIOS: What? They can't hurt us they have nothing to fight with.
ELENA: But you don't want to kill them. He's right.
They turn arround an run for to the gate, villagers run behind them
When they reach the gate Lont whistles to them to go with him

After few minutes of running in the hill they stop and enter a cave
LONT: I wanted to show you this...
PARKER: What is this place?
LONT: You are in a cave where our ancestors were hiding from the Amazons.
ELENA: Were the Amazons here?
LONT: Yes... they came shortly after you left. Someone must have seen you.
ALEXIOS: Why did you bring us here?
LONT: To tell you more about Amazons. They take people to convert them to their warriors.
PARKER: Great... more bad guys.
LONT: They are preparing an attack the Olympians and take over their planets.
ELENA: We also fight the Olympians.
ALEXIOS: Are they successful in fighting them?
LONT: I don't go off this planet a lot so I can't tell. But they have increased the number of people they take.
VASILIS: So they are preparing for something.
LONT: Yes. I suspected the same.
ELENA: Why are they attacking them?
LONT: They are Olympian warriors who have turned against them when they found out that they were created by them as an experiment.
PARKER: What will they do to those they took?
LONT: Inject them some kind of machines which give them power but also kill them if they do not get back.
VASILIS: Nymphs...
PARKER: They were in our city not long ago... but they said that they serve Olympus.
LONT: Those are different. They don't get the power for killing.
ELENA: What about Apollo's Nymphs?
LONT: Apollo... is he Olympian?
PARKER: Yes...
LONT: Strange... he must have some connections among Amazons.
ALEXIOS: No wonder... He is a powerful enemy.

Apollo's ship in Hyperspace
WEIR: How far are we?
DYSENIA: We are almost there. We will reach the planet in about three hours.
WEIR: I must say... I'm amazed by the size of this ship. I've never seen anything like this.
DYSENIA: You are lucky then...
WEIR: What do you mean?
DYSENIA: It belonged to your enemy. Would you like to be in your enemy's ship.
WEIR: You are right...
O'Neill comes in
O'NEILL: Dr. Weir? Will you join us? We're going to check out the ship a bit.
WEIR: Only with my permission

Alipoly, Elena and the team come back from their mission
CHRYSPA: Thiros is waiting for you in the conference room.
ALEXIOS: This is not good...
CHRYSPA: What happened?
VASILIS: Amazons visited the planet.
CHRYSPA: What about that man?
ELENA: He is still alive. We got some information from him that might come useful.
CHRYSPA: Good. You can go now.
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Episode 07: Andromeda
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