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 Episode 08: First impression

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PostSubject: Episode 08: First impression   Sat May 10, 2008 7:07 pm

Alexios, Parker, Elena and Vasilis are on a planet which is more developed than Lont's
There is not a lot people in the village
They are sitting at the table and talking
Few kids run to the table
KID: They are here!
Then a man rushes into the village
MAN: Amazons! Run
He gets a shot in the back and falls on the ground
Three tall men, dressed in dark green clothes come into the village
PARKER: I believe these are Amazons...
One of the Amazons approaches them
He looks at Alexios
AMAZON: Yo are not from around here...
Looks at Elena
AMAZON: She... she will make a god Nymph warrior.
Alexios points his gun at him
ALEXIOS: Over my dead body!
The Amazon steps back
AMAZON: We will see about that...

The Amazon is still looking at Elena and Alexios while other two are taking the villagers
AMAZON: You have a strong spirit... You do not want to improve your abilities?
ELENA: No... not this way!
AMAZON: Very well...
He stretches his hand over her head and she falls on her knees
Alexios doesn't hesitate and shoots him
Amazon slowly moves his hand to Alexios
Alexios shoots him again, he becomes weaker
Parker pulls out his gun and shoots him too
AMAZON: You may kill me this way... but others will come
PARKER: For now we'll go for that.
He shoots him twice more
ELENA: Wait I have an idea. We bring him back and if he has the same characteristics as the Nymphs...
ALEXIOS: And what if he doesn't?
He shoots him three more times and finally the Amazon falls down
VASILIS: One down...
Looks around
VASILIS: Where are the other two?
ELENA: They're gone...
Alexios ties Amazon's hands together
ALEXIOS: You can never be sure.
ELENA: Rigt... let's go.

A calm, green planet. People are working in the fields
In the middle of the village SG-1, Kesar and Dysenia appear
VILLAGER: Our prayers have been heard. You came back.
DYSENIA: Yes... And we need your help.
VILLAGER: We can only provide food and water.
DYSENIA: That will do.
VILLAGER: Very well. For how many do you need?
O'NEILL: For about fifteen... twenty...
VILLAGER: Yes... good. Right away.
Villager leaves them
O'Neill looks at Dysenia
O'NEILL: So... prayers? I see you made quite a name here.
DYSENIA: Would it be better for us to starve a week or two?
O'NEILL: Good point...

Alipoly, laboratory
Ygeas is examining the Amazon body
In the observation room there are Elena, Alexios, Thiros and Chryspa
YGEAS: From what I was able to find out it is very similar to Nymphs but more advanced.
THIROS: What about the nanobots?
YGEAS: That is the advance. They are maintaining their activity. That's why you had trouble killing it.
ALEXIOS: It survived seven shots... I was surprised by its resistance.
ELENA: What about his telepathic powers?
YGEAS: It's a combination of a very active nerve system and off course nano technology.
ELENA: I felt him reading my thoughts... I still have headache.
CHRYSPA: You should rest.
ELENA: You're probably right.
CHRYSPA: Ygeas, after you are done with it, isolate it from the other bodies.
YGEAS: I will do not worry.
He continues with investigating the body
Others leave the observation room
ELENA: Thiros, I would like to return to Lont's planet to find out more about them
THIROS: As soon you feel better.
They separate and Elena meets Parker in the hall
PARKER: How's it going?
ELENA: I still feel its evil... I can't describe it.
PARKER: I can't imagine...
ELENA: Thanks for saving my life out there.
PARKER: It was nothing... So... do you want to grab something to eat?
ELENA: Yeah... I was wondering what they have on the menu today...

Golden palace, Olympus
Hera is sitting in the throne chair and other Olympians are gathered at the table in front of her
HERA: We should pay more attention to Gaians. They were very successful in defending from us.
APOLLO: What about Alitheans?
HERA: They died under the ruins of Altachia. Thanks to our former king Zeus.
She smiles but she wants to laugh at loud because she finally got the throne
POSEIDON: What about his planets.
HERA: As his successor I will have them.
APHRODITE: That was not our agreement, Hera!
HERA: I didn't make any agreements.

Dysenia's planet, SG-1 and Kesar are collecting the supplies and Dysenia is meeting the priests
KESAR: This place reminds me of home...
DANIEL: You lived in a village like this?
KESAR: Yes. My people are simple farmers. Only the chosen ones get to see other planets.
O'NEILL: We have a similar situations. Well not the farmers part.
SAM: Do you have any family?
KESAR: Parents. And a sister.
O'NEILL: No girlfriends...?
KESAR: I was training to become a soldier all my life. I had no time for other things.
Villagers bring last crates to them and Dysena returns
DYSENIA: Is that all?
She presses a button on her bracelet and they all disappear and appear on the ship where Weir is waiting for them
O'NEILL: We're back ma'am.
WEIR: Good.
O'NEILL: I'll call some men to do the hard work.
DYSENIA: There is no need for that.
She goes to the console and beams the crates to the storage room
O'NEILL: I'm gonna need one of those...

Parker, Alexios, Elena and Vasilis returned to Lont's planet
They are walking to the village
Lont is coming from the village
LONT: Welcome back, I was expecting you.
ALEXIOS: How did you know we were coming?
LONT: I told the people. We are now organizing ourselves to protect our homes from the Amazons.
PARKER: You told them what?
LONT: The truth. Come, I will show you.

Lont and Parker's team are looking at two men preforming martial arts
Alexios turns to Lont
ALEXIOS: You know this won't help them. They need weapons.
PARKER: Advanced weapons. Like ours.
VASILIS: Or even more. We meet Amazons not long ago and saw what they were capable of.
LONT: That's where you come in. Can you supply us with weapons we need?
ALEXIOS: Not immediately. We need to talk with our leader.
LONT: Let me speak to him.
ELENA: It's worth a try...
ALEXIOS: We will return soon with his answer.
LONT: Very well. And please, you don't have to leave yet.
ELENA: We came to find out more about Amazons. Do you know more?
LONT: Yes. I know the reason they are increasing their army.
PARKER: What is it?
LONT: I heard that Olympus lost their leader.
ELENA: Zeus?
LONT: Yes... Hera took over the throne and others are not pleased with that. They are not united anymore and easier to defeat.
ALEXIOS: That is good news.
LONT: For some. Olympians didn't take much care about their planets and so some became independent.
VASILIS: But when the Amazons take over, they will return.
PARKER: Do you know how they are planing to kill them?
LONT: There are three kinds of the warriors...

Alipoly, conference room
ELENA: Nymphs - capable of killing humans only, Amazons - technologically advanced and in control of fleets of ships, and Lampades - capable of killing Olympians.
THIROS: And what will happen when they defeat them?
ALEXIOS: They will take more humans and enslave them.
THIROS: Do they know about us?
VASILIS: No one knows that.
THIROS: Is this all you were able to find out?
ELENA: Yes... he told us everything he knows.
PARKER: Though he made a proposal...
PARKER: They will need some weapons to fight the Amazons...

Apollo's ship in hyperspace
Dysenia is sitting in the chair and controlling the ship's system
O'NEILL: So... another week?
DYSENIA: Another week.
O'NEILL: And you're going to sit here all that time? I'm sure you can turn something like auto-pilot on.
DYSENIA: As soon as I find that I will join you.
O'NEILL: Great then...
Dysenia looks at him
O'NEILL: I'm gone...
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Episode 08: First impression
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