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 Episode 09: On The Line

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PostSubject: Episode 09: On The Line   Sun May 18, 2008 11:44 pm

Alipoly, gateroom
stargate opens and four Alitheans come through, one is hurt
CHRYSPA: Close the shield.
She runs down to see what has happened
CHRYSPA: What happened?
ELEAS: We were attacked few moments after we stepped through...
CHRYSPA: By who?
TEREX: We didn't see anyone...
CHRYSPA: Get them to infirmary!
She stansd up and looks at the gate
CHRYSPA: Shut down the stargate!
Stargate shuts down

Conference room
THIROS: Are you sure you are okay?
ELEAS: I believe so.
THIROS: So you did not see anyone?
ELEAS: No... We only heard shots and then Riyes fell on the ground.
THIROS: What hit him?
TEREX: Nothing we have seen before.
ELEAS: I immediately started dialing back.
THIROS. So... that is all?
TEREX: That is all...
Thiros stands up
THIROS: You can go now.
Eleas and Terex stand up and leave the conference room
A moment later Chryspa contacts Thiros by radio
CHRYSPA(r): Thiros, you have to come in the control room
THIROS: Why? What happened?
CHRYSPA(r): City's sensors have detected an unknown object.
Thiros immediately leaves the conference room
Chryspa sees him coming
CHRYSPA: Thiros, here!
Thiros gous up the stairs and looks into the screen
CHRYSPA: It is coming our way, we do not know what it is yet, but when it comes closer we will definetely be able to tell.
THIROS: Good. Keep me informed.

Riyes is laying on the bed, Elena is standing next to him
Ygeas comes in
YGEAS: How is he?
ELENA: Asleep. What did you find out?
YGEAS: Come, see for yourself...
They go to laboratory
YGEAS: Look...
Elena looks into the microscope
ELENA: Is that...?
YGEAS: Nano technology. Yes. He probably got them when he was shot.
ELENA: What will happen to him?
YGEAS: They are replicating, but very slowly.

Control room 10 minutes later
ERYX: This is not good... Call Thiros immediately!
PARKER: What is it?
ERYX: Our sensors just detected a ship coming this way.
PARKER: Do you know who it is?
Thiros enters control room
THIROS: What happened?
PARKER: Sensors detected a ship coming towards us.
ERYX: We do not know to who it belongs, it is still too far away.
PARKER: Can you contact them?
ERYX: What if it is Olympian?
THIROS: You are right... we con not take the risk to be attacked
ERYX: Wait... they are trying to communicate with us...
THIROS: Open the channel.
VOICE(r): So... you just talk...? Oh... Greetings...
PARKER: It'c Colonel O'Neill.
O'NEILL(r): Yes...
THIROS: It is great to hear you again
O'NEILL(r): You too.
PARKER: Where on Earth did they get the ship?
O'NEILL(r): We... traded some
DYSENIA(r): This is Apollo's ship, it was abandoned in Earth's orbit.
THIROS: Dysenia...
DYSENIA:(r): Thiros...
O'NEILL(r): We really need to park this baby, so...
THIROS: You have the permission to land.
O'NEILL(r): Thanks.

Ship dock, Elena, Thiros, Parker and Chryspa are waiting for the crew
O'Neill, Daniel, Sam and Weir are beamed down
O'NEILL: Hi, kids! Long tome no see.
CHRYSPA: Where is Dysenia?
SAM: She'll stay on the ship until all the crew is transported down.
CHRYSPA: I see... Come, we have much to tell you
DANIEL: Look at this place... It's...
ELENA: Amazing?
DANIEL: Yeah... I mean, just look at this place
ELENA: You'll have much time to wonder, but now we have more important things to discuss.

Conference room
O'NEILL: So this...
DANIEL: Amazons.
O'NEILL: Amazons... they were invented by the Olympians?
THIROS: Yes... after the war. But things got out of their hands and most of Amazons escaped.
ELENA: Then they they used the same technology - the nanobots - to create them an army.
CHRYSPA: Their goal is to kill all the Lanteans.
O'NEILL: So... we have that in common. Wait... Latens? Who?
THIROS: We are much alike with the Olympians.
O'NEILL: How much alike?
CHRYSPA: We are basically the same.
WEIR: So you're in trouble to...
THIROS: That's why we need you now.
O'NEILL: And that would be how?
CHRYSPA: They are not a threat to you.
ELENA: Well... they take humans and convert them to Nymphs.
O'NEILL: Oh... so that was not worth mentioning?
THIROS: Please... calm down. I hope we will find a solution.
YGEAS(r): Thiros?
THIROS: What is it?
YGEAS(r): It has become critical. We need Dysena's help.
THIROS: Dysenia?
THIROS: We need your help. Riyes was infected with nano technology.
Dysenia immediately stands up and rushes out of the conference room.

Riyes is lying on the table, he is dying
YGEAS: There is nothing I can do anymore...
Dysenia comes in with the device that disables the nanobots
DYSENIA: Please leave their room. I don't know how it will react.
Everyone leave and close the door
O'NEILL: Did you know about this?
ELENA: What, sir?
O'NEILL: The whole us helping them thing?
ELENA: I didn't.
O'NEILL: We'll talk about this somewhere else.

Elena's Room
Elena is showing Daniel some data from the database
ELENA: Look... this is what I was able to translate.
DANIEL: One group inhabited a huge planet... wait I can't translate that...
ELENA: It's Earth... Gaia.
DANIEL: This is big. Turns everything we believed upside down.
ELENA: I know...
O'Neill comes in
O'NEILL: Daniel. Carter, Kesar, Doctor Weir and I are taking a little tour around the city, wanna join us?
DANIEL: Wait a minute, I'm reading something...
O'NEILL: Oh, com'on. It's not like the truth about our existence?
Daniel looks at him like he was trying to tell him that before
O'NEILL: Oh... it is?
DANIEL: Yes, It is.
O'NEILL: Okay. I'll let you geeks alone then.
O'Neill leaves
DANIEL: I bet you didn't miss him.
ELENA: Well... a bit... maybe.
O'Neill comes back
O'NEILL: Daniel, I know we disagree from time to time, but talking about me behind me behind my back.
Daniel dives him that look again (about the importance of his reading)
O'NEILL: Well, let's not leave the existence waiting.

Riyes wakes up
DYSENIA: How are you feeling.
RIYES: Dysenia?
DYSENIA: I will explain later. How are you feeling?
RIYES: Good, thanks to you.
They both smile
DYSENIA: Rest now, my love.

O'Neill is walking behind Sam
O'NEILL: So...
Elena turns around
SAM: Sir...?
O'NEILL: I was just wondering...
SAM: Yes?
O'NEILL: The ocean is pretty big...
SAM: So you want to know if there are any fish here?
O'NEILL: Yes... And if there are, you are always welcome to join me.
SAM: Of course, sir
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Episode 09: On The Line
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