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 Episode 03: Revelation

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PostSubject: Episode 03: Revelation   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:53 pm

Vasilis was brought back to Earth.
Hammond will have to decide what to do with him.
Fraiser took some of his blood for testing.

HAMMOND: You were extremely lucky I see...
O'NEILL: Yes... Carter got a brilliant idea... as long as we have her lucky necklace...
DANIEL: We don't have it.
O'NEILL: Oh... right?
HAMMOND: How come they didn't take it with the rest of your weapons?
SAM: It was hidden in a lucky amulet, given by my father before he died.
HAMMOND: What about this Hades?
DANIEL: As far as I know he's an old man with great power, who enslaves people to work for him.
HAMMOND: What about the connection with Earth's people?
DANIEL: It seems that they had been to Earth before... they might be the Olympians... I'll have to look into that a bit more.

HAMMOND: I'll arrange for an expedition to Delphi.
DANIEL: Thank you. I'll try to find something out...
HAMMOND: I need to ask that man some more questions. capitan, bring him!
DANIEL: I'll ask the questions if that's okay?
HAMMOND: Try to find out as much as you can.
(Vasilis comes in)
VASILIS: You wanted my presence?
HAMMOND: Doctor Jackson has some questions for you.
VASILIS: I'll try to say all I know.
DANIEL: Okay... are there any other gods like Hades.
VASILIS: Hades is not a god... He only has great powers.
DANIEL: You were talking completely different while you were on your city.
VASILIS: Yes. I don't want people to suspect something. I could get killed for what I'm going to tell you.
DANIEL: I'm interested go on...

SAM: You say you didn't fin anything unusual about him?
FRAISER: He's clean... except for aging gene and his immune system.
SAM: He can live longer?
FRAISER: Almost twice our age.
SAM: It's logical... they survive longer in the dessert, if they are free.
FRAISER: And suffer longer... they have no food there. We sent a probe before you went through.
SAM: Call me if it finds something interesting.
(Briefing room)
VASILIS: The Olympians as they call themselves are powerful nation. They enslave people.
DANIEL: How do you know all that?
VASILIS: An old man told me all about them. They steal technology from others and use it in battles.
DANIEL: So they are ordinary people?
VASILIS: No... their body's are controlled by evil spirits.
DANIEL: Where does that man live?
VASILIS: He's on a planet called Diophos.
HAMMOND: Do you know the address?
HAMMOND: You'll meet him as soon as possible.

(Daniel's office)
DANIEL: So he's like eighty years old?
SAM: Well he looks forty, but it's not 100% sure that the gene doubles the lifetime.
DANIEL: Oh by the way... You'll be meeting that wise man while I'll be in Delphi trying to find some interesting information about the Olympians.
SAM: Who'll be going with me?
DANIEL: Jack, Vasilis and Kawalsky.
(O'Neill comes in)
O'NEILL: Hi there kids!
SAM: How's it going?
O'NEILL: Fine. I'm going to lunch... anyone interested?
SAM: No thanks. I'm going to help dr. Fraiser with her research.
DANIEL: Erm...
O'NEILL: Oh come on...
DANIEL: No thanks...
O'NEILL: Science awaits?
SAM: Mhm
O'NEILL: My stomach too... I won't bother you more.

O'NEILL: Nice place.
(Prior comes to the gate)
VASILIS: Pythios!
PYTHIOS: My friend... what news are you bringing? And who are they?
SAM: We came from a planet called Earth...
PYTHIOS: Yes... Delphi I know this place. What brings you here?
SAM: We've met Hades...
PYTHOS: You should never discover the stargate.
O'NEILL: Well we did. And we need to know more of those Olympians.
PYTHOS: They are descendants of the stargate builders.
VASILIS: Three thousand years before, they defeated the goa'uld in this galaxy.
SAM: Who are this goa'uld?
PYTHIOS: The are no more. They were parasites who took human bodies.
VASILIS: Olympians imitated them. And took over their planets.
O'NEILL: And who do you belong?
PYTHIOS: We are Alitheans. We spread the truth around the galaxy. Come I will tell you more inside.

HAMMOND: (on the phone) Yes... Understood... I'll get to that as soon as possible.
WALTER: On-schedule off-world activation.
(Hammond leaves his office)
HAMMOND: Who is ti?
WALTER: Is Col. O'Neill. On the radio.
HAMMOND: What is going on?
O'NEILL: Kawalsky and Carter are learning more about the Olympians. I'm not so interested.
HAMMOND: What have you found out.
O'NEILL: Apparently they've been to Earth, brought the stargate and left... don't know why...
HAMMOND: Okay... Return when you'll know enough.
O'NEILL: Understood... O'Neill out.
(stargate shuts down)
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Episode 03: Revelation
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