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 Episode 10: The Side You Didn't Know

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PostSubject: Episode 10: The Side You Didn't Know   Wed May 28, 2008 9:43 pm

A green planet, a small village is situated near the gate
SG-1 just stepped through the gate
Villagers standing in front of them are pointing spears towards them
O'NEILL: That is a great first mission isn't it? Daniel?
O'NEILL: Talk to them...
DANIEL: Um... Hi! I'm Daniel, This are Jack O'Neill...
O'NEILL: Colonel Jack O'Neill.
DANIEL: Major Samantha Carter, Elena Garcia...
VILLAGER: We don't need your names. You will come with us.
ELENA: We are peaceful explorers.
SAM: We mean you no harm.
VILLAGER: Khelos will know your of intentions.
PARKER: Khelos?

Alipoly, stargate is active
Chryspa, Thiros and Weir are in the gate room waiting for SG-1 to reurn
ERYX: Thiros, someone is ending a signal through.
THIROS: What is it?
ERYX: Radio signal.
WEIR: Don't they have your communicators.
CHRYSPA: It's not SG-1 then.
Eryx synchronizes the signal
VOICE(r): This is Khelos of the Enetia. We have five of your people imprisoned. I suggest you listen to us.
THIROS: Let them go immediately and you will be spared.
KHELOS(r): You really think that we don't know who you are. Alitheans and those are your friends from Gaia.
WEIR: How do they know about us?
KHELOS(r): Now you're probably asking yourself how we know about them... Let's say we have a friend of yours here too.
THIROS: What friend?
KHELOS(r): He calls himself Lont.
THIROS: What are your suggestions?
KHELOS(r): Give us the technology which disables the nanobots.
THIROS: If you know us, you know also that we do not give our technology easily.
KHELOS(r): Maybe you'll reconsider if I kill one of your friends here... You have two hours.
Gate shuts down
WEIR: Who is Lont?
CHRYSPA: We can say he is an ally. He gathering forces for defense against the Amazons.
WEIR: Can't we just go and rescue them?
THIROS: We do not know how armed are they.

Khelos' prison
PARKER: How did you get caught?
LONT: They came to our village as peaceful explorers.
ELENA: You thought that they were one of ours?
LONT: At first, but they seemed less advanced.
DANIEL: And what did they want from you?
LONT: They didn't want me. The wanted you. Or... someone like you. Advanced.
PARKER: Can't they just ask Amazons?
LONT: I'm not sure, but I think they are Amazons.

Alipoly, 2 hours later
Gate opens
ERYX: Call Doctor Weir.
KHELOS(r): So... What have you decided?
THIROS: We want to know why you need the device.
KHELOS(r): You don't need to know. Your friends' lives are on the line here.
Weir comes to the gate room
WEIR: What is it?
KHELOS(r): And you must be the leader of your people.
WEIR: Yes, and I want you to return them or else we will come to rescue them ourselves.
KHELOS(r): I'm surprised you haven't already.
WEIR: I want to speak to my people.
KHELOS(r): You are in no position to make demands! You have one hour!
Gate shuts down
WEIR: Now what?
THIROS: We have to reconsider...
WEIR: Reconsider? What is there to reconsider? Five of my people are captured.
THIROS: And what are you going to do about it? Rescue them?
WEIR: Thank you. You gave me an idea.
She turns away and leaves the gate room
THIROS: Where are you going?
She turns back
WEIR: I'm going to save my people. And don't try to stop me.

Ten minutes later gate activates.
Weir is standing by the controls
WEIR: Colonel Dixon, bring them back alive.
DIXON: Yes ma'am.
Thiros is standing next to Weir
THIROS: I hope you know what you are doing.
WEIR: It's better than waiting.
SG-3 and 5 go through the gate

Khelos' planet, 2 hours earlier
Elena, Sam, Daniel and Parker are lying unconscious on the floor, near the stargate
Two villagers - guards are waiting for them to wake up
GUARD 1: We must not tell Khelos about the fifth one.
GUARD 2: The whole village saw him. They saw him running away.
Daniel opens his eyes
GUARD 1: He's awake.
Other three also open their eyes shortly after Daniel does
GUARD 2: We must take them to prison. Can you walk?
DANIEL: Wha? I guess. Where's Jack?
GUARD 2: He was killed when he tried to escape.
SAM: What?
GUARD 1: Stand up and walk!
They pull them up and push them forward

At the same time on a hill near the village
Jack is watching how other team members are taken to prison
He slowly retreats into the forest
As he's walking through it he finds a good spot to hide
He lets the channel open in case someone tries to reach him

1 hour and 50 minutes later Jack hears shooting in the village
He stands up and runs to see what is going on
He sees SG-3 and 5 are killing the villagers but some of the team members are lying on the floor
Without hesitating he aims his gun at Guard's head and kills him
DIXON: What was that?
He spots O'Neill on the hill
O'NEILL: Those darn Colonels.
He runs down from the hill killing few more guards
O'NEILL: Need a little help!?
DIXON: Yes sir!

A minute or two later in the prison
O'Neill and Dixon come in and kill the guards
Sam looks at them
SAM: Sir?
O'NEILL: Come on, no time to explain...
SAM: We thought you were dead.
O'NEILL: You thought wrong. Step away.
He shoots the lock on the door
O'NEILL: Move! Let's go!
They reach the gate, but a loud male voice stops them
O'NEILL: Daniel, dial the gate!
KHELOS: You will be killed if you try to escape.
O'NEILL: We're doing just fine alive, thank you.
Gate opens, Daniel sends the signal to lower the shield
Daniel, Sam, Elena, Parker and few members of SG-3 and 5 go through
O'NEILL: Dixon!?
DIXON: I'm staying.
O'NEILL: No one is staying.
KHELOS: Guards!
A shot of the paralyzer hits O'Neill
O'NEILL: Oh crap... get your ass out of here, Dixon!
He is still conscious enough tho make few steps back through the gate

Moments later Dixon steps through the gate on Alipoly.
He falls down on O'Neill who just lost consciousness after stepping through the gate
Weir is standing by the controls
WEIR: We need medical team here!
The gate shuts down
WEIR: How many were left on the planet?
SAM: Three.
WEIR: That is our next mission. After you recover.
Sam notices she's bleeding
WEIR: You know where the infirmary is?
SAM: Oh.. I'll be fine. It's nothing.
WEIR: Let's make that an order.
Weir smiles, like she means it, but the order part is not so serious

Infermary, O'Neill is waking up
He sees a known face
JANE: Good morning.
JANE: You slept for 12 hours.
He looks around and sees other SG-1 members next to his bed
DANIEL: Thanks Jack.
O'NEILL: Where's Dixon? Did he get through?
DANIEL: Yep... he did.
O'NEILL: When?
SAM: Right after you. You didn't feel anything?
O'NEILL: What?
PARKER: Yeah... I bet he has at least... 90 kilos...
O'NEILL: What?
DANIEL: Never mind.
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Episode 10: The Side You Didn't Know
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