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 Episodes 11-15

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PostSubject: Episodes 11-15   Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:58 pm

Only short summaries are available due to lack of inspiration and interest.

11: The Fruit of the Mainland
(Part 1)
It's happening 3 weeks after they were captured by Khelos and by now they have made an alliance with him and other rebel Nymphs. They also brought some plants and some fruits from the mainland (the city is in the middle of an ocean, pretty much like Atlantis) to examine. At first the nice red apple-like fruit looks tasteful but it causes hallucinations, makes you go whacko and die at the end. But they didn't know that so the ones that ate the fruit are now near death.

12: The Cure (Part 2)
After numerous attempts to cure the effects of the fruit the scientists give up. The toxic chemicals in the dead bodies start producing poisonous gas. Before they realise it more of them become infected. But the newly made alliance with Khelos also brings the cure. When the surviving scientist find out what the gas is made of they find an ''anti-gas'' to neutralize its effects. They return to Alipoly and give a decent ceremony to all those who wee lost in that tragedy.
*it was renamed to fit the story

13: Behind Enemy Lines
The newly made alliance with Khelos puts SG-1 to a test. They have to save rebel Nymphs from the Amazon.
After finding the ship the rebels were taken to, they have to check out every cell in the ship's prison to find them. When they find them, their mission is to bring them home. Their way back is now full of patrols and they have to rely on each other. They manage to jump from the ship moments before its take-off.

14: Acts of Terror (Part 1)
The patience on Olympus has come to its end. Hera decides to seek the survivors from the attack on Altachia an her first stop is the firs home of the Alitheans - Alipoly. As the city's sensors detect a smaller fleet of Olympian ships they go to full alert and prepare for battle. A scout ship from the city is destroyed without warning. It's time to call for their new allies.

15: Olympica (Part 2)
Khelos arrives with his 3 ships and engages the Olympians. The battle gives the citizens time to prepare for an attack on the Olympian ships. Out of nowhere another group of ships appear - Amazon ships. They (SG-1 and others) believe that it's over, but the Amazons engage on the Olympian ships. After few bigger explosions the battle is over. Amazons make clear that the next ones to go are the people from Earth and Alitheans. Olympians are destroyed - the task of the Alitheans is done. They can now live in peace...

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Episodes 11-15
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