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 Episode 4: Diophos

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PostSubject: Episode 4: Diophos   Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:59 am

Episode 4

'Kill them! Kill them all!!!'
That were the last words of Kesar's army comander. Then only yelling and screaming could be heard. Both sides imediately started to fire their weapons. Front row of Holok's army fell in matter of seconds. Their enemy was more organised, quicker and successful. Many young men died in the battle. About twenty Holok's soldiers survived and Kesar was one of them. They were imediately surrounded by enemy soliders. 'Kneel' shouted the first prime. They fell on their knees and other soldiers tied their hands and legs. Then they pulled them up on their feet and pushed them forward and ordered them to walk. They didn't know where are they going. But one thing was certan they are going to die.
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Episode 4: Diophos
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