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 Episode 5: Back Home

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PostSubject: Episode 5: Back Home   Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:01 am

Episode 5

It was the tenth day of Maltharan, two days after the young batalion left the city. 'They should return by now. Or at least send someone back to report.' Said the clerk to Holok. 'Send the message to their families. Their sons died protecting their homeland.' Few hours later on a hill near the villages families of the dead joined and lit a fire. Mothers also lit candles for their sons at home. 'Why?' that was the question no one was able to answer. Ashil and his wife Sanra lost their only son. Sanra was crying all night. And her sadnes didn't go away for days. But life had to go on. Men returned to the fields, women were working around the house, boys were training to once day go to war and litle girls were playing with their home made dolls in the safety of thir homes.
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Episode 5: Back Home
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