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 Episode 04: Threat (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Episode 04: Threat (Part 1)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:55 pm

O'Neill, Carter and Kawalsky returned from Diophos.
Daniel and Rothmann are in Delphi searching for clues.

ROTHMANN: Got anything?
DANIEL: There's something interesting... Apollo came in all his mightiness... and blessed me with all-seeing power.
ROTHMANN: There was a lady who was able to predict events in the future.
DANIEL: Pythia... She was the connection between Olympians and the Greeks...
ROTHMANN: What...?
DANIEL: It says here that Apollo left Gaia but if people find out the truth, The Mighty One will return and release his plague on the planet.
ROTHMANN: Who is The Mighty One?
DANIEL: Probably someone we don't want to meet...

HAMMOND: (on the phone with Daniel) Okay... keep me posted. Goodbye.
O'NEILL: Anything new?
HAMMOND: Doctor Jackson just discovered a saying about some plague that will destroy Earth.
O'NEILL: Any dates?
HAMMOND: He said something about uncovering the stargate...
O'NEILL: Oh... like now?
HAMMOND: We did discover the gate...
O'NEILL: But that was 60 years ago!
HAMMOND: But we've opened it only few weeks ago.
O'NEILL: Let's just hope that they don't have a well developed media.
HAMMOND: We must be prepared for an attack!
O'NEILL: Let's just wait until Daniel's back and maybe he'll bring some woo-doo magic spells with him.
HAMMOND: I think no magic can stop a powerful race.

PYTHIOS: They must be warned Vasilis. We can not afford another loss.
VASILIS: I will warn them. You warn the others. Call for help. They'll need it.
PYTHIOS: I don't think that they'll help them. You know they do not interfere into business of others.
VASILIS: I will go myself. They should know that their job is not done yet.
PYTHOS: Your people live under Hades and you never did anything to help them.
VASILIS: It's because they could never resist his force.
PYTHIOS: And you think they can?
VASILIS: Their people made Apollo leave their planet!
PYTHIOS: But that was a long time ago!
VASILIS: (starts dialing the gate) No matter... they just have to find a way to do it.
PYTHIOS: This is nonsense! Besides they will never let you enter Alethia!
VASILIS: You said yourself you once saved people from them.
PYTHIOS: I'm not going to save them...
(Vasilis steps through the stargate)
PYTHIOS: Again...

O'NEILL: (knocks on the door of Daniels office) Hello Daniel!
DANIEL: I got it!
O'NEILL: You got what?
DANIEL: You know about Pythia?
O'NEILL: No idea.
DANIEL: I think she did it...
O'NEILL: Did what?
DANIEL: Forced Olympians to leave Earth.
O'NEILL: And how is this helping us?
DANIEL: If we find her we find a way to conquer Olympians.
O'NEILL: Great. But isn't she dead...?
DANIEL: Well... she is... but maybe she's one of those higher beings...
(Sam comes in)
SAM: Ready for briefing, Daniel?
DANIEL: I'll be there in a second.
O'NEILL: What is it about?
SAM: About his discoveries in Greece...
O'NEILL: Oh... great.

(Planet of the Alitheans, meeting of the council, Vasilis is there too)
VASILIS: I called up this meeting to tell you that I have found a planet who's people are able to help us.
THIROS: You know that we quited fighting the Olympians.
VASILIS: I just need a prove to show you all that they are capable of fighting them.
ANTHELA: Where is Pythios?
VASILIS: He didn't want to cooperate.
THIROS: I think I know why.
ANTHELA: What is this planet you talk about.
ANTHELA: Send for Pythios immediately!
THIROS: You know he won't help them.
ANTHELA: He did it once!
VASILIS: What didn't you tell me.
ANTHELA: He was on that planet when Apollo was defeated.
THIROS: I still don't think he is going to...
ANTHELA: Enough! Alethia is over. We will meet again soon.

WALTER: Off-schedule off-world activation.
(Hammond comes in the control room)
HAMMOND: Where is it from?
WALTER: Diophos...
HAMMOND: All units stay alerted!
(Pythos comes through)
HAMMOND: Identify yourself.
PYTHIOS: My name is Pythios I came to warn you.

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Episode 04: Threat (Part 1)
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