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 Episode 8: Home, But Not There

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PostSubject: Episode 8: Home, But Not There   Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:04 am

Episode 8

After few minutes of talking, the old man took him back to his home planet. 'The prophecy was true, he escaped from the mines!' Said the old man to Holok. 'Good, let the prophecy of the ancestors be fullfiled!' Holok replied. Kesar had no idea about what was going on around him. He didn't know anything about the prophecy. 'Sun is on the highest point of the sky. Do it!' ordered Holok. The old man dialled the gate to another planet. And Kesar stepped through the event horizon. On the other side he had no time to ask questions, he was taken into a big room, where people were asking him many things. 'Where did you come from, who exactly are you?'… He said that he is a part of the prophecy of ancestors. The people of this planet were under atack by a powerful enemy. Then he relaised. Coming through the stargate prevented their enemy to take over the planet. The people were very thankful and offered him a place to stay untill they find the way to send him back home. What they didn't know that he was home… but not there.
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Episode 8: Home, But Not There
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