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 Episode 05: Nymph (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Episode 05: Nymph (Part 2)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:56 pm

Previously on Stargate Olympus
Daniel finds out about Apollo’s attack if stargate is discovered.
Vasilis warns the Alitheans about Apollo's intention.
Pythios goes to Earth and warns SGC about...

(Briefing room)
HAMMOND: Apollo?
PYTHOS: You must defend your planet at all costs.
DANIEL: Isn't Apollo like a friendly god?
PYTHIOS: Listen... this is not the Apollo you know.
O'NEILL: We know Apollo?
DANIEL: We have his temple in Delphi.
PYTHIOS: He will return and claim this planet.
HAMMOND: We'll make sure he'll be defeated.
PYTHIOS: He is not an ordinary enemy. His powers are beyond yours.

(Altachia - planet of Alitheans)
ANTHELA: Council has decided not to interfere in this battle.
VASILIS: This isn't right!
ANTHELA: Life isn't always fair, Vasilis.
VASILIS: I will return soon with victorious news! (Vasilis leaves)
THIROS: I have a feeling that this is our chance to defeat the Olympians, Anthela.
ANTHELA: Our time will soon come.
THIROS: We waited too much already!
ANTHELA: Time means nothing to us, nor does to Olympians.
(Council member Chryspa approaches them)
CHRYSPA: We were informed that Apollo won't wait any longer.
ANTHELA: They must defend themselfs on their own.
THIROS: They have little chances against Apollo.

(SGC - Gate opens.)
(A being called Nymph comes through)
O'NEILL: What is this...
HAMMOND: Identify yourself!
NYMPH: (hissing) Only death await those who do not follow!
HAMMOND: Open fire!
(solders in the gate room engage)
NYMPH: Your weapons are useless! (fires with a hand device, and kills some soliders)
O'NEILL: Plan B?
HAMMOND: Close the gate room! Call for Pythios!
NYMPH: (hissing) You won’t keep me in here forever!
HAMMOND: Right now this is our only option!
NYMPH: You are out of options against The Mighty One! Hssss!
(Pythios comes in)
HAMMOND: Can you help?
PYTHIOS: Nymph, lost soul! Hear me!
NYMPH: ****** servant of light! Your wisdom won't kill me!
PYTHIOS: Elaphrys pan skoteina!
NYMPH: Hsss (tries to fire her weapon, it doesn’t work). The Mighty One will deal with you!
PYTHIOS: She's now powerless.

(Lyras - Apollos Planet)
APOLLO: Human race will not see another eclipse! Cleodora! Attack with all your forces.
CLEODORA(nymph): Nothing but death to those who do not follow!
APOLLO: Good... They will see who is their god!
CLEODORA: You are, The Mighty One.
APOLLO: Now go! And remember: Darkness is your path!
(Erebus - Planet of Hades)
(Vasilis comes through the stargate)
GUARD: You! Who are you to dare step into land of Erebus?
VASILIS: Take me to your master. I have important news for him.
GUARD: You were going to see him anyway!
(in the palace)
VASILIS: I'm bringing news from the Alitheans!
HADES: And what are those pathetic worms saying?
VASILIS: They will help Gaians in defeating Apollo.
HADES: That will never happen. You are too selfish to take care of other's bussiness.
VASILIS: We were. But soon we'll make an alliance no-one will be able to stop.

(SGC - nymph is tied up in a chair, Hammond and O'Neill are about to ask her some questions)
O'NEILL: Who sent you?
NYMPH: The Mighty one!
HAMMOND: Why are you attacking us?
NYMPH: Those who do not follow His Might must die!
HAMMOND: We will fight everyone who will come through the stargate.
NYMPH: Nothing can fight the Darkness.
HAMMOND: I'm sure something can. How can you explain the fact that you were defeated.
NYMPH: I was not... you were... many died. But Darkness will find me! Hssss
(Daniel comes in)
NYMPH: He knows that Darkness is the only way...
O'NEILL: Daniel?
DANIEL: I don't know what she's talking about...
NYMPH: You do... you want to understand Darkness... that's why you are here...
O'NEILL: Yes... he's her for that stuff...
DANIEL: What is this ''Darkness''
NYMPH: Darknes is everything and nothing at once!
(O'Neill and Hammond go out)
O'NEILL: Let's just kill her, she's no use.
HAMMOND: Let's see what will doctor Jackson find out...

(stargate opens, Vasilis comes through)
ANTHELA: You're back. Listen... Apollo is gathering forces of nymphs to attack us!
VASILIS: You see! It is our war! If you listened me in the first place we could be gathering an army!
ANTHELA: You were right I admit. Thiros! Gather an army we are going to war! I'm going to visit Gaia.
VASILIS: Thank you. I'll accompany you.
(they start walking towards the gate)
ANTHELA: Where were you all this time?
VASILIS: Visiting an old friend... telling him some lies. He belived me... can you imagine?
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Episode 05: Nymph (Part 2)
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