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 Episode 06: Alliance (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Episode 06: Alliance (Part 1)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:57 pm

Apollo's fleet of nymphs lead by Cleodora will soon strike human planets.
Chloe - the nymph that invaded SGC is slowly and painfully dying.
Anthela and Vasilis arrived to Earth.

(Briefing room)
DANIEL: Then she fainted, I called for help... but she can't receive the proper treatment.
FRAISER: She'll eventually die. Some of her vital organs are already in a very bad condition.
HAMMOND: We must find out what caused that. Check if someone in SGC is also infected.
WALTER: On-schedule off-world activation.
HAMMOND: Dismissed.
DANIEL: Is she able to talk?
FRAISER: Yes... but that virus has already reached her brain...
DANIEL: I'll try anyway.

O'NEILL: Any news?
SAM: It's a fast spreading virus.
O'NEILL: Are we infected also?
SAM: No... I came up with an answer to this problem.
O'NEILL: Great!
SAM: She had it already, but because she was captured she couldn't cure it.
O'NEILL: So we killed her.
SAM: It works more like self-destruct. If she gets captured and can't get the drug, she's not useful for her enemy.
O'NEILL: Nice...
SAM: I think it's horrible... she knew that she'll die the moment we captured her.
O'NEILL: Well she had no choice. She was going to be killed anyway.
SAM: I'll try to find out something about this weapon she brought with her...
O'NEILL: I won't even try to bother you... but if you fin out how it works, call me first.
SAM: I will...

ANTHELA: Our demands are clear. You inform us about everything you find out.
HAMMOND: And you help us with your knowledge.
ANTHELA: I'll inform the council about your demands.
HAMMOND: This is not one-way agreement. Keep that in mind.
ANTHELA: Once the council decides, there will be no corrections.
HAMMOND: We would like to participate in your...
DANIEL: Alethia.
ANTHELA: Only Alitheans can participate in our meetings.
HAMMOND: Then call the council here. We can all discuss.
ANTHELA: We will meet on an neutral planet.
HAMMOND: Okay, we will meet again soon. Dr. Jackson? Escort Anthela to the gate room.
DANIEL: Yes, sir.
ANTHELA: It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
HAMMOND: The pleasure was all mine.
(Daniel and Anthela leave the room)

(Quarantine, SGC)
(Chloe the nymph is about to die)
FRAISER: We are loosing her.
SAM: Her heart stopped...
CHLOE: Me parte Dynatos!!!
FRAISER: I read no life signs. She's dead.
SAM: What about the virus?
FRAISER: No activity...
SAM: So we have nothing to study.
FRAISER: I took a blood sample.
SAM: I'll Inform general Hammond.
FRAISER: Let's just hope that Daniel found out enough.
WALTER: On-schedule off-world activation.
(Control room, Anthela returned)
HAMMOND: Welcome back!
ANTHELA: Thank you.
HAMMOND: What has council decided?
ANTHELA: We will meet on planet Sigma.
HAMMOND: What can you tell me about this planet.
ANTHELA: People that live there are our allies. They were once freed from the Olympians as you were.
HAMMOND: I will like to take a military team. Only for protection.
ANTHELA: I understand.
HAMMOND: Thank you.

(Corycia - nymph planet)
CLEODORA: Hear me my sisters! The Mighty One has once again called us to war!
CLEODORA: We will destroy all who do not follow the Darkness!!!
NYMPH CROWD: Darkness!!!
CLEODORA: Eclipse is approaching for human race! There will be no tomorrow fot them!!!
NYMPH CROWD: (yelling)
(Cleodora leaves the podium)
(Cleodora's palace - Cleodora is talking with Apollo through comunication device)
APOLLO: Are you ready?
CLEODORA: We all are always ready to fight for you, Mighty One.
APOLLO: Make sure that no one survives!
CLEODORA: What about the Alitheans. Some say that they are also in this war.
APOLLO: They only discuss. They never fight!
CLEODORA: But it was not always like that!
APOLLO: They are not your concern now. I'll deal with them. Do not question me again!
CLEODORA: Yes, Mighty One.
(Device shuts down)

(Sigma - meeting of Alitheans and Gaians)
ANTHELA: Thiros, Chryspa, Dysenia and myself represent the Alitheans.
DANIEL: Capt. Samantha Carter, col. Jack O'Neill, gen. George Hammond any myself represent Earth.
ANTHELA: We have decided to help you. In return we need full access to your inforamtion gained on your missions.
HAMMOND: We expect you to share your technology with us, so we can defeat our enemies together.
THIROS: Our knowledge is beyond your understanding. We can help you personaly.
O'NEILL: What about your own SG team.
DYSENIA: This is an offer we must discuss after the alliance is made.
O'NEILL: So... let's make it.
ANTHELA: Patience...
(Sigma solider comes in)
SOLIDER: We just received a word about Apollo... he attacked several human planets. Gaia is also under attack!
ANTHELA: So it begins...
O'NEILL: Did you dial the gate?
SOLIDER: We tried... we can't.
SAM: Our gate is opened they are under attack right now!
ANTHELA: We must go another way! (she presses some buttons on her bracelet. they all disappear in a flash)

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Episode 06: Alliance (Part 1)
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