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 Episode 07: Eclipse (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Episode 07: Eclipse (Part 2)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:59 pm

Previously on Stargate Olympus
While SG-1 was making an alliance with Alitheans, Earth was attacked by nymphs.
Anthela teleported them on her ship.

(All council members are on Alithean ship)
O'NEILL: How will this help us?
ANTHELA: We chose a planet that was as close as possible in case of emergency.
SAM: But even if we travel with speed of light we can't reach Earth in few months.
ANTHELA: You see... Our technology is beyond your understanding.
SAM: You're telling me we are going faster?
ANTHELA: Yes. It took us years to complete this ship. But now we can reach every corner of this galaxy in just few days.
DANIEL: And Earth is?
ANTHELA: An hour away.

HAMMOND: What about our alliance?
ANTHELA: We will help you in this fight. Further alliance will be discussed.
O'NEILL: See... that wasn't so hard.
(ship suddenly slows down)
DANIEL: What was that?
DYSENIA: We entered your solar system.
THIROS: We will reach Gaia soon.
(SGC - invaded by nymphs, has been evacuated and locked)
CLEODORA: Run... you won't hide for long! Search this facility!
ELLIDA: This building is empty Cleodora... and there is no way out!
CLEODORA: So we will make ourselves one.
(Alithean ship)
SAM: Can you teleport objects too?
THIROS: What do you mean?
SAM: If we teleport the stargate into space all nymphs that come through die.
O'NEILL: What about those who are in the base?
DYSENIA: They can also be teleported. I'll adjust the teleportation device.
HAMMOND: Let's do it.

(USA presidnet's office)
PRESIDET GARRYCK: I'm shutting down this program.
SENATOR KERRY: I will inform pentagon about it.
GARRYCK: How many died in there?
KERRY: 15 soldiers in the gate room and control room personnel.
GARRYCK: Invent a good cover story. I don't know what are we going to say to their families...
(Alithean ship)
DYSENIA: It's ready.
HAMMOND: Okay, do it.
DYSENIA: (presses a button)
THIROS: All nymphs were teleported.
HAMMOND: What about the gate?
DYSENIA: No... we have to shut it down.
O'NEILL: I'll do it.
HAMMOND: Take capt. Catrer with you.
(O'Neill and Sam are teleported in to SGC)
O'NEILL: Carter! Shut down the gate!
SAM: I can't... something is holding it open. It's on the other side. Some kind of energy.
O'NEILL: Can we blow it up?
SAM: We can try. But the explosion will blow up the whole complex because of naquadah.

(Alithean ship)
THIROS: I can shut it down. It has a weak point. Teleport me!
(Thiros gets teleported)
O'NEILL: Hi there! Any ideas?
THIROS: Where can i reach the stargate?
O'NEILL: Carter! Let's go!
VEISTA: Shut down the device. They must return!
(another nymph shuts down the device, stargate shuts down)
O'NEILL: What happened?
SAM: Someone shut down the gate for us.
THIROS: It's logical. They expect the others to return. Dial the gate to Altachia, so they can't dial here.
SAM: For 38 minutes.
THIROS: That's enough time to inform our people.

(Alithean ship)
HAMMOND: Can we prevent this from happening?
ANTHELA: This is what alliances are for. You can install a blockade in front of the gate to prevent unexpected guests to come.
HAMMOND: Once we establish order in the base you'll tell me more.
(Sam, O'Neill and Thiros teleport themselves back)
HAMMOND: Any news?
SAM: We established a wormhole to Altachia. That should prevent more of them to come.
HAMMOND: Any victims?
O'NEILL: Everyone who were in gate or the control room.
HAMMOND: I'll get in touch with the president.
ANTHELA: I suggest that we take a trip to Altachia.
HAMMOND: Take SG-1 with you. I'm going to D.C. I don't know what to say to the president.
O'NEILL: Send him my greetings.
ANTHELA: Let's go.

ANTHELA: I already mentioned a device that prevents intruders from entering your world.
O'NEILL: Can we build it?
ANTHELA: You'll get it from us.
O'NEILL: So we have this alliance established right?
ANTHELA: I suggest you to tell your people about this.
SAM: The stargate?
DANIEL: I don't think that they are ready.
ANTHELA: They will eventually find out. You can prevent intruders to come through the stargate but they also have great ships to travel with.
O'NEILL: So... how did you find out that we are being attacked.
ANTHELA: We had a ship in your orbit ever since I came here.
O'NEILL: You were spying?
DANIEL: What if they didn't?
O'NEILL: Right... thanks
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Episode 07: Eclipse (Part 2)
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