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 Episode 08: Regeneration (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Episode 08: Regeneration (Part 1)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:00 pm

Alitheans installed iris on to Earth's stargate.
Hammond contacted the president.
President is going to shut down the staragte program in a month.

(Briefing room)
O'NEILL: What?
HAMMOND: It isn't my decision. President thinks that we take too many risks.
SAM: We just installed iris. It prevents things like that to happen.
HAMMOND: He gave us a month to find out as much as possible.
O'NEILL: And then? Go on as nothing ever happened?
HAMMOND: It's going to be hard I know.
DANIEL: Maybe we can find something in this month that might impress the government.
SAM: Maybe Alitheans could help us.
O'NEILL: They will not just give us things.
HAMMOND: You're right. I'll gather more teams together. We will make our last moth the best.

APOLLO: This is absurd! They never interfered before!
CHRYSES: Times are changing Mighty One. These people are different.
APOLLO: I should destroy them long ago. Along with their precious planet!
CHRYSES: There is still time...
APOLLO: Time...
CHRYSES: What is it Mighty One?
APOLLO: Leave. Send for Veista!
CHRYSES: Yes Mighty One.
(Chryses leaves)
APOLLO: Those who seek light, shall find it. Into the Darkness.

(SGC, Hammond's office)
HAMMOND: What are your qualifications?
PARKER: I studied diplomacy and law. Then I joined the Marines.
HAMMOND: What do you expect from this job?
PARKER: I don't know what to expect. The whole idea of traveling to other planets is...
HAMMOND: Enough?
PARKER: Yes. I mean... Not that i think that is not good for me...
HAMMOND: Okay... thank you. Dismissed.
(Parker leaves, Jane Carson enters)
HAMMOND: Dr. Carson?
JANE: Yes... I mean that's me.
HAMMOND: Genetics?
JANE: Yes... best in the class.
HAMMOND: I see... you have numerous awards. You will be assigned to the laboratory.
(few hours later)
HAMMOND: Is that all of them.
EDWARDS: Yes. All of them.
(O'Neill comes in)
O'NEILL: What's with all the geeks?
HAMMOND: They are our new employees.
O'NEILL: Oh... okay. Is anyone joining my team?
HAMMOND: Not yet. but you will be the first to select.

(Briefing room)
SAM: So many names.
DANIEL: Yeah...
O'NEILL: We need to pick 2 persons of 87.
SAM: What are we looking for?
HAMMOND: One military recruit and one scientist.
O'NEILL: What about the control room?
HAMMOND: Nothing yet. You are first to pick.
DANIEL: Elena Garcia... archaeologist... Greek history and archeology
O'NEILL: Looking for a girlfriend?
DANIEL: No... I just think that she is the right one... She knows the background for the Olympians.
SAM: I agree. Plus... she's a woman.
O'NEILL: Wow... is this some kind of feminist meeting?
DANIEL: She has everything she needs for this team.
O'NEILL: Okay... next is... Andrew Parker.
SAM: Hm... don't know...
DANIEL: Maybe.
O'NEILL: Bring him in.

(Diophos - gate opens. Five nymphs come through)
VEISTA: You! Follower of the light.
PYTHIOS: I am. Light is the only way.
VEISTA: We will se about that. (fires her weapon, Pythios colapses)
VEISTA: Night is all around us. Only light is in our way.
(she writes some words on the rock near the gate)
(SGC, gate room)
HAMMOND: We only have a month before the program gets closed. In the meentime SGC will operate normally. If the government is pleased with our work, we might be able to keep this project. We have to give the best of us in this month, to show that it is not the last.
(Evrybody starts clapping, Hammond smiles)
ANTHELA: They are doing well.
THIROS: We underestimated them... They will be playing an important part in this war.
ERYX: Anthela!
ANTHELA: What is it?
ERYX: We just received news that Pythios has been captured by nymphs.
ANTHELA: Where did they take him?
ERYX: I don't know...
ANTHELA: Send ships to all nymph planets! We must find him.

(Briefing room)
O'NEILL: So...
PARKER: So... what?
SAM: Shall we begin?
O'NEILL: As you both know we work as a team.
DANIEL: We go on missions, and have meetings like this afterwards...
SMITH: Off-schedule off-world activation.
(SG-1 enter the control room)
SMITH: Receiving signal... It's Anthela.
O'NEILL: Open the iris.
(Anthela steps through)
ANTHELA: I bring horrible news. Pythios has been captured.
DANIEL: Any information about who did it?
ANTHELA: Some nymphs took him. We might need your help.

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Episode 08: Regeneration (Part 1)
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