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 Episode 09: Phobos (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Episode 09: Phobos (Part 2)   Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:02 pm

Previously on Stargate Olymps
Pythios was kidnapped by Veista.
Anthela asked Hammond for help.
SG-1 is investigating the case on Diophos.

DANIEL: What do you think...?
ELENA: (looks at the writing on a rock) Looks a bit Phoenician, don't you think?
DANIEL: Yes... but some letters are not Phoenician nor Greek.
ELENA: They maybe added some letters because language got more complex because of the technology...
DANIEL: You're right...
DANIEL: Something about a soul... but what are those signs at the end???
ELENA: Like word dividers.
DANIEL: But Phoenicians never used word dividers.
ELENA: I'll take a picture of it... we'll deal with it later.
DANIEL: Maybe it's a clue to something...

HAMMOND: Where's Dr Garcia?
DANIEL: I don't know... she was working on that sentence we found...
(Elena rushes in)
ELENA: Shut the soul!
O'NEILL: What soul...?
ELENA: The sentence says ''Shut the soul''.
O'NEILL: Oh...
ELENA: Dr Jackson was right about the ''soul'' part.
DANIEL: What about the other?
ELENA: Kliste means to close, shut. the middle word, by the way they use word dividers, the middle word is ''tin'' which actually means ''the''. Shut the soul.
HAMMOND: How can that help?
ELENA: No idea... maybe it's written somewhere else.
DANIEL: Maybe is just another saying... Nymphs use that a lot.
ELENA: Maybe it isn't... it could lead us to Pythios. I'd like to ask Alitheas about it.
HAMMOND: You will all go to Altachia.
DANIEL: I would like to go to Diophos again.
HAMMOND: SG-4 will join you. Try to find out as much as you can.

(Unknown planet on which Pythios was brought by Veista)
APOLLO: Pythios...
PYTHIOS: Light over darkness... You will fall!
APOLLO: You will not get pass me this time!
PYTHIOS: I'm sure there's a place for you in Tartarus.
APOLLO: I do not fear Tartarus.
PYTHIOS: You should. Evil like you has no rest there. They say Hekate unleashes her lampades to tear their souls piece by piece. Slow and painful death.
APOLLO: You will meet your doom here, my old friend. There is no doom for me.
PYTHIOS: There is... And I'll be there to watch it!
APOLLO: Dead! (guards standing beside Pythios start to torture him)
PYTHIOS: Elaphrys pan skoteina!!!
APOLLO: Hahahaha, you can babble as much as you like. Nothing can help you!
(Apollo leaves)
PYTHIOS: (talks to the guards, who don't even care to listen) Torture me as much as you want. My soul remains devoted to the Light.
PYTHIOS: Alithea can save you both of this prison. Listen to the voice of the Light. There is no salvation in the darkness.

O'NEILL: Hi there, can we speak to Anthela?
THIROS: She is not available right now, she has other things to attend to.
O'NEILL: Oh right... Because we need to ask her something.
THIROS: I will try to answer you.
ELENA: Do you know what ''Shut the soul'' means?
THIROS: It has no hidden meaning... I think that this is some kind of nymph saying. Why do you ask?
ELENA: It was written on Diophos near the gate. Scratched in a rock. I have a picture of it. 8shows him the picture)
THIROS: It's written in Nymph script.
ELENA: It may be a clue to something.
THIROS: Yes, yes... I think I remember now. Pythios told me about it. It is a clue.
ELENA: Where does it lead us?
THIROS: That I don't know.
O'NEILL: Does anyone here know?
THIROS: We can go to Diophos. Pythios keeps notes about everything he knows. I'll inform Anthela about this.
O'NEILL: Garcia, go with Thiros. SG-4 and Daniel are still here. We'll return to Earth.
ELENA: Okay.

ROTHMANN: Nothing here either...
DANIEL: There has to be... something.
ROTHMANN: There's like 3 thousand books.
DANIEL: And I'm about to read each and every one of them to find what I'm looking for.
ROTHMANN: We spent an hour for 60 pages, an dou are going to read all of them?
DANIEL: You should do the same... we'll finish twice faster if we both read
(they read for some time...)
ROTHMANN: You don't know what are you looking for.
DANIEL: You're right...
DANIEL: I'm sure I'll find something that will connect that saying to Pythios.
ROTHMANN: I give up... This is not going anywhere.
(Elena and Thiros enter the library)
DANIEL: Dr Garcia, what are you doing here?
ELENA: Trying to help you.
ROTHMANN: Finally!
THIROS: Knowledge that you seek should be in the red book over there.
(Daniel gets the book)
ROTHMANN: What is it?
DANIEL: It is a place, prison.
THIROS: Phobos?
DANIEL: Yes, yes...
THIROS: Can you find the gate address?

HAMMOND: What do you know about this planet.
ANTHELA: Phobos is Apollos prison. It was once ruled by Ares, but when Apollo gained power he defeated Ares and took his planets.
THIROS: His prisoners suffer starvation, torturing, they die slowly and painfully.
HAMMOND: Can we rescue Pythios?
ANTHELA: The staragte is well guarded. We can reach it with our ship but if we get uncovered we are going to loose every hope to get out of there.
SAM: What if we take a smaller ship so we can hide on the planet.
THIROS: Apollo has sensors that detect every enemy ships.
ANTHELA: We can enter with a cargo ship, but we'll need a code that will identify us as traders.
O'NEILL: What if we capture a cargo ship there?
THIROS: It is possible. But we will have to be very quick.
ANTHELA: I'll gather a team on Altachia to do it.
HAMMOND: SG-1 will join you.
ANTHELA: Yes... every assistance is needed
HAMMOND: So we have a deal.

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Episode 09: Phobos (Part 2)
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